Miracle Board

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In 2012, I recorded this video in front of a blank canvas that I had in my office that turned into the Miracle Board. I left it blank to remember the freshness of each new day. About a year later, I had a coaching call with my Tony Robbins coach. During the call he gave me homework to look for miracles and jot them down. He said I may capture them anywhere, on my computer or phone, or journal. When he gave me that assignment to look for miracles, I remember thinking, “I know EXACTLY where I am going to save them, my blank canvas that is hanging in my office.” I figured this would be a great place to capture them and be reminded of those mini daily miracles.

One thing I observed is that when you start looking for miracles in life, you find them everywhere. I included simple things that I experienced like surprising an ex-girlfriend at work to being excited for delivering a presentation on my Home Story concept to fellow Tony Robbins coaches with 15 minutes notice to selling “a Road Trip day” Coaching package for $3,000 on 7.24.14 (the date is still visible on the bottom right.) Over a long weekend, sometime in November of 2014, I decided that there were enough miracles on the board. I did capture a picture of what I wrote before I painted over it and when I count the very fuzzy picture, I recorded around 45. How I decided there were enough miracles and it was time to paint over was very unscientific. It’s like anything in life…I thought, now it’s time. I captured items for over a year and now was the time to turn it into art that I could proudly display.

I was listening to a video on happiness and was inspired with vibrant colors as I was listening to a video about the story of Zappos. As I painted, I was experimented and I created my first signature “J” which is something I include in my paintings now. This one is smack dab in the middle and the later works have the “J” nestled mainly on the bottom left or right corner, those that are commissioned have a “J” on the left. I think that is why there is so much yellow and the red down the center just happened to present itself as something I wanted to tie it together. I hope this story has inspired you to begin seeing and counting the amazing miracles that occur in your life.

In joy,

Began Painting:

Unknown, sometime in 2014

Video that was playing while painting:

DVD video from Chet Holmes Business Breakthroughs international. Tony Sheih (from Zappos) spoke on the story of Zappos and how the company “delivers happiness. In the video, there was a lot of talk about happiness.