Dimensions: 16” x 20”

Technique: Acrylic on canvas






Work Overview

This work is the cover of Mark’s book called “Look At What’s Inside.” The subliminal layer began at a Paint With The Artist class and was completed a couple months later. The book shares my vulnerable journey of going from “failing” at my career to finding a path back to art. After feeding my “starving ‘inner’ artist” I invite the reader to feed their “starving ‘inner’ artist” and inspires others to keep creating.


The subliminal layer was started at a Paint With the Artist (PWA) class I offer in the Bend community in November and finished in December before I painted it in January 2023. I laid out the stencils for the book cover in November and was able to stencil “Look” and “Inside” and finished the “At” and “What’s” during a December at the next PWA class. I want to be present with those in attendance so I wasn’t able to complete much in terms of painting so after seeing that it took me almost 3 hours to lay down the stencils of “Look At What’s Inside” I modified the class to focus on the guests and (those that come back, I call) alumni.

I was attending a 10x Catalyst group meeting and before we set our goals for the next month, we pray to see what goals God wants us to work on. On September 7, 2023, I heard the call to write an outline for the book. I started the process and implemented a “thinking tool” with questions to help me shape the book to understand success for the reader, before I began writing a word on the story. I took the month to really get clear on what I was to write and why. I shared that “outline” with a few friends and guests from the Paint With Artist to get feedback to make sure the outline made sense. When October hit, the next thing was to start writing. I began writing each chapter and I regularly state that “my name is on the cover” and God wrote it through me. I knew what the name of the title of the book was going to be and reserved the domain on October 25, 2022 at http://godaddy.com . In November, I thought I would use the Paint with the Artist time to lay down the Subliminal Layer and because I underestimated the time it would take away from the class, I focused a little bit of time on stenciling out the first and last words of the book and figured I would complete the other words at the next Paint with the Artist. After all, it felt great that the start of the canvas was started in the creative space I invite the readers to step into…

As I completed more of the book, I knew I wanted to focus my attention on the cover in January since 80% of the book was written and was going through some fine tuned edits and had a great sense of what the story was. I share regularly, “my art is my heart, and my heart is guiding me” so I decided to soak the canvas in a red heart. Because of how life goes, and coming full circle, I started out as a child as an artist and as I have gone through my years art came back full circle. I share the story of how I didn’t think I could make money in art, so I put it on the shelf and over the years, I needed many material things to fulfill a “starving ‘inner’ artist.”

The rest of the painting was a culmination of some of my favorite vibrant colors and when you view this, many relate it to an early version of my first “Subliminal Story Art” concept called Miracle Board.  I finished the painting and ABSOLUTELY loved it. I realize that each painting is a snapshot in time and knew this would be the cover of the book.I have shared that behind every painting is a story and QUITE LITERALLY, this painting has a book behind it, complete with the back of the book being the back of the canvas.

There is a whole write up on what I did to spark the idea for the book and if you would like a copy of the actual “thinking tool” I used in preparing the outline, email me at [email protected]. I invite each person who reads the book to feed their starving “inner” artist and hand sign “Keep Creating” to anyone who buys a book on my website. Enjoy Look At What’s Inside!


Nov 10 & Dec 8, 2022


Jan 5, 2023

Music Playing:

Geneve 5 – The Drive

Joe Sample – Street Life

Larry Carlton – Fingerprints

Candy Dulfer – Nikki’s Dream

Cal Harris Jr. – Breakthrough

Kim Waters – Secrets Told

Jeremy Sean Hector – Night Flight

Chris Botti – First Wish

Jeff Lorber – Laissez Faire

Walter Beasley – Lovely Day

Eric Valentine/Richard Elliot – Let’s Move

Chelsea Nichole – If I Didn’t Have Love


  • Look
  • At
  • What’s
  • Inside


Canvas and Prints Available

Look at What's inside ~ $14.95

Find a new internal world and in the process you’ll find in the external world, familiar items will be seen differently. Mark flips the script on the “starving” artist concept. Take a glimpse into the multilayered process of Mark’s Subliminal Story Art as a way for you to discover your own starving “inner” artist.



Discover the inner “starving” artist if you aren’t feeding your creativity regularly. That artist can take many different forms.

Connect below the threshold of consciousness with storytelling. This allows you to explore and appreciate the deep, personal significance obscured beneath the surface. Look beneath the painted surface to understand the whole story. This is the essence of Mark Jamnik’s Subliminal Story Art and what he is teaching you throughout the book, so you look at what’s inside.


Mark Jamnik creates Subliminal Story Art; embedded in each work, there is a story. In “Look at What’s Inside” he shares the details of how to create your own Subliminal Story Art.