Go with what

is in flow

Dimensions: 36” x 36”

Technique: Acrylic on Canvas

Mixed Media: Golden Paints




Treatment N1

Treatment N2


This piece started out at Late for the Train and has come back to be displayed for those that contributed to the Subliminal Story that lies underneath. For my first art installation at Late for the Train, in Flagstaff…friends came in from all over to pitch in to help. One friend flew in from Las Vegas, another was visiting Flagstaff as a getaway from the Phoenix heat. The biggest surprise was a friend who drove 1,200 miles from Bend, Oregon. Thanks Jessica! Here is a fun video from Facebook of me being shocked as she arrived right before we installed the art. 

While we installed the art inside during the day, we also divided and conquered to get prepared to offer appetizers and light beverages to those who arrived for the evening band that was to play on the back patio. I welcomed guests and shared stories about the art in the front. 

A friend donated a fresh new canvas so those in attendance that night could contribute to art. As the evening progressed and people left, I asked to contribute something to the art. In the fun “circle of life” that art found its way back to Late for the Train. 

I really got excited after reading through the comments and quotes shared. People are  insightful and inspirational at their core…it’s truly amazing. I invite you to look at the before image to see some of the incredible wisdom that was shared and is now deeply embedded in this 3 treatments of this work. 

I ended up meeting a student who was studying journalism and asked to interview me about my art. She wrote an incredible piece and it got picked up in the Daily Sun and made in on the front page, right above the announcement of the newest President of the United States. You can read the whole article here

In joy,

Subliminal Started: 

October 2, 2020 at Late for the Train Coffee Opening

Painting Started: 

Jan 27, 31 and Feb 7

Music that was playing while painting: 

Morgin Madison – From the Past
Lane 8/Julia Church – Oh Miles
Loud Luxury/Frank Walker – Like Gold
Diplo/Sonny Fodera – Turn Back Time
BONNIE X CLYDE – Worst EnemyDua Lipa/DaBaby – Levitating (Don Diablo Remix)
Thom Rotaella – I Like It


Go with what is in Flow
Begin before you are ready – Sarani
Mexican Mocha!
In 1993 Daft Punk invented SIDECHAIN COMPRESSION…Our lives were changed forever – RJW
None but yourself can free your Mind
Live intentionally Love with in appreciation
We are all in this together
Find the Humor in life
Corona Shuffle Chalet
Live a Life Less Ordinary <3
Life is like Jazz, it goes on forever and once you start to figure it out it ends, and that’s the beauty
And castles made of sand fall in the sea, eventually – J.H.
Persistence <3
The brightest smile that lights up a room…A heart so full of compassion! Sincere, Honest & Creative Let your true self shine through <3 JMO
Ain’t no Mountain High ain’t no valley low. M.G.
Advocate for yourself! <3
Mark 10-02-2020 @Late for the Train *Creative *Adventure *Collaboration *Friend
Be in Peace, not in pieces