Dimensions: 24” x 36”

Technique: Acrylic on canvas






Work Overview

At The Central Oregon Maker Faire (in Bend, OR), attendees, referred to as “Makers” were asked to contribute to what maker projects they were working on.


Each year, there is an annual Maker Faire around the country. For the last two years, I participated in the Central Oregon Make Faire. This year’s event was in September, outside at the Deschutes Brewery. It was much warmer than last year’s snowy November event AND much, much closer. It was so close that after I dropped off my art, I realized I needed to run home to grab something and walked to get it.

I love this event as it’s all about makers and the “makers” exhibiting are encouraged to have interactive activities for the guests. This event is a beautiful example of people coming together to experiment, play, and learn. This is about guests participating IN the event, instead of simply consuming at the event. There are plenty of things to purchase and yet this event is really about getting guests and their imaginations to figure out how to make things work or try something new that they may have never experienced before.

I shared the style of community-inspired art I create and brought out a contribution canvas for each person to contribute their unique words, emotions, drawings, etc. that expressed most closely to the direction the prompt provides. In the case of this works prompt,  I asked guests to share what “maker project” they were working on at home. Several asked if they could draw what they were working on so as you view the subliminal layer, note the visuals along with the vibrant colors guests used to write their words. I often state my art is more about connecting and community than it is about art and had a wonderful time connecting to people in the maker community. It’s great seeing everyone contribute to the canvas from young and old alike.

Earlier in 2023, I wrote a book that invites people to “Feed their starving ‘inner’ artist.” It warmed my heart to see all the guests doing exactly that as parents and kids were walking around, (parents in tow, 😀 carrying around items that allowed their children(s) imaginations to run wild. It was beautiful. I saw so much of what I invite readers to do in my book to go from consumption to creation and that creation was being lived. It was incredible seeing creators walking all around stepping into a world of discovery.

My mission is to make art approachable, interactive, and understandable and I love seeing the community enhance the art with each contribution.

Before I began painting on November 15, 2023, I read through each person’s words or drawings as inspiration to paint. So much of what the community adds in a way of my interpretation and that is how I typically decide on colors, materials, etc. to choose.  Because so many people were experimenting at the event, and in many cases experimenting with their “Maker project”  I wanted to experiment as well to have that reflect on the work. I worked with crackle paste that is designed to crack when the paint dries, I added a lot of the mixed media though, and supplies the texture I added was not conducive for the true crackle to appear. Instead, the texture looks VERY different with the layers mixed.  The colors underneath were vibrant and I wanted to express that through the colors. There are several different colors and yet they all come together to create art…something I believe is at the heart of being human. Casting aside our differences, working beside each other, and creating a masterpiece in the process. It’s great to see attendees participating instead of consuming.

Creativity is something that exists in all of us and it was cool to see the many contributions underneath shine through as a beacon of each person’s contribution.

Thanks to all who contributed at the 2023 Maker Faire, I look forward to seeing more of you in 2024. Without further ado…enjoy “Maker Projects.”






Music Playing:

Dave Koz – Together Again

Acoustic Alchemy – Winter’s End

Chris Botti – Indian Summer

Chieli Minucci & Special EFX – Til The End Of Time

Bobby Lyle/Marcus Miller/Gerald Albright – Hello Maceo

Praful – Moon Glide

Adam Hawley – Uptop

Demetrius Nabors – Bounce To This

Michael Franks – The Question Is Why

Freddie Ravel – Sunny SIde Up

Keiko Matsui/Lalah Hathaway – Love And Nothing Less

Art Porter – Inside Myself

John E Lawrence – Wake Up the Groove

Cany Dulfer – So Cool


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