The heart

of Tempe

Dimensions: 18″ x 24″
Technique: Acrylic on Canvas
Media: Golden Paints Manganese Blue Hue
so the words “of Tempe” could be seen.




There is a big heart at the center of this piece. I painted this piece as I was preparing for a gallery showing at Blick Tempe. I love Tempe and I decided to highlight the vibrancy and heart of Tempe. I moved to Tempe in 2002, and ever since I lived here, (with the exception of about 6 months) I have lived in a Tempe zipcode. I spent about 6 years living in South Tempe and moved to north Tempe, close to campus on the water in 2008.

I love everything Tempe has to offer. I really enjoy the energy of the college town I have called home for all these years. I love what opens up within minutes of my doorstep. I love to travel, and Tempe reminds me of the walkability of places like on my travels overseas (on a much smaller scale.) I can leave my car behind, step outside my door and walk along the lake and see what event might be happening at Tempe Beach Park. ‘A’ Mountain is right across the street where I can hike to the top and watch planes fly overhead and watch the picturesque landing at Sky Harbor as the sun is setting on the backdrop of downtown Phoenix. After a hike, I can visit restaurants and shops on Mill Ave. When I choose to travel, access to the world through Sky Harbor Airport is a 15 minute light rail ride away. I love biking along the aged tree-lined streets of the beautiful homes west of Mill and south of University. Over the years, I have seen more growth, more high rises and the history and character of Mill Ave along with the energy of the campus carries. Tempe hsa been at the heart of what I have done in my life for many years and wanted to share this piece for those that call Tempe home, like I do. The heart of Tempe…is you.

In joy,

Began Painting:

November 15, 2020

Music that was playing while painting:

Brian Simpson: It’s All Good Jacob Webb: The Coast is Clear

Words included on painting: