the world



Dimensions: 12” x 16”

Technique: Acrylic on Canvas




I painted this sometime in 2012 and was early on in my journey to painting. I went to Michael’s and began collect different acrylic paints and bought a few Level 1* canvas’ so I could start painting (the “Level” designation in this case refers to the depth of the canvas, in this case it is ½ inch.) This piece was painted years ago before I was doing my signature Subliminal Story Art, which informs the work and in many cases, the name of each painting. To learn more about Subliminal Story Art, you can read about the process and inspiration here. I used a couple simple colors; I liked the softer blues and vibrant greens. As I was painting early on, I was thinking years ahead because I knew how much I enjoyed painting. I decided instead of a signature, I was going to simply add a cursive “J” for Jamnik. For this piece, since I wasn’t sure I was going to ever share this, I decided to place it right in the middle. My signature cursive “J” continues to appear in my works and typically appears on the bottom right side. There are some other specialty works (that I have been commissioned to paint, and others) where the “J” appears on the bottom left side.  As I was nearing the completion of this work, I remember taking red paint and circling the “J.” Once I did, as with all of my pieces, I decided that the work was complete. I painted this while I was still a Tony Robbins coach and shortly after painting this, I shared this work within the Tony Robbins coaching community on Facebook. I received some beautiful comments after I shared and was genuinely surprised and decided to keep painting, not with a consistency like I saw in 2020. I began posting more and more of my works on Instagram as I picked up painting again during the pandemic. I was looking to share some Nostaligic pieces along with my new pieces and when I was going to post this one, I realized it didn’t have a name.  Because much of my recent art is informed by the Subliminal Story Art  underneath, I was struggling to give it a name. Because this was a work I created years prior, while I was “picking up painting” I never thought to name this one when I completed it. The weeks I was going to post this, I had just met up with a friend named Chelsey and she was working on her computer right next to me. As I pulled up the image of the painting, I asked her, “what do you see?” She responded, ”the world.” I saw what she saw and instantly said, “that’s the name of it.” I immediately posted it and in the most humble way I could…presented “The World.” Enjoy!

In joy,

Painting started:

2012 or 2013