Dimensions: 24″x36”

Technique: Acrylic on Canvas







On July 21, 2022, Michael Sipe had a fundraiser with Trey Taylor at Gary and Karen’s beautiful home out at Walker Ranch in Tumalo. It was another beautiful Central Oregon evening. As the guests began arriving, the first few messages appeared on the canvas. As drinks and dinner were served, the stillness of the landscape erupted into conversation and laughter. As dinner wrapped up, Cathie opened up the evening with a beautiful prayer and Michael shared the call to run for office. He and guests shared the plans and ideas they had that were put on their hearts. Michael invited everyone to sign the canvas with a message to capture the Voices of Central Oregon. From there, Trey shared his gift of music with everyone and the landscape danced in harmony with the sights and sounds of the beautiful evening.

As I was interacting with the guests, I observed so many people select the color purple to contribute their words, phrases and the bible verses that were shared.

Roughly a week after I brought the canvas home, I had a meeting with Cathie earlier in the day and told her I was going to be painting soon. I decided to paint that night. I looked at each person’s contribution and got some rest before painting. After I got my painting preparation complete, I reviewed each person’s contribution again. I read each bible verse written down so it became the living word. Since there were so many purple contributions, I decided that purple would be a great color to paint with since it means royalty. I began painting with a royal purple. As this is a bigger mission of where we are, the purple of majesty that Jesus so eloquently wore to wrap the painting as Jesus shares his loving embrace with us. After I painted the sides, I decided to lightly paint over the whole canvas with a veil of purple.

I enjoyed reading each person’s contribution and I was hoping to keep the message that each person wrote. The point and reminder is that the words are embedding as a deeper meaning. So even if the messages from those that contributed were covered, the message and meaning remains. As I started, the first section of the painting included an important message that “Hearts will be won for Jesus <3.” I take before and after pictures so you can still see where the contributions are held in the painting. As I did the first treatment, I selected transparent and vibrant (bright yellows, blues, purples and teals) colors for the painting. I was excited that the work showed the majority of the words and phrases. As I viewed, I didn’t feel the vibrancy of the colors fit for a final painting. As part of the process, I realized that something else wanted to express itself so I completed that treatment and decided to come back to it.

One week later, I decided to paint the second treatment. Before I did, I prayed over the painting to see what God wanted to present. I put on a Hillsong playlist and allowed Him to paint what He wanted. At times, I asked Him to guide the process so I was honoring him and the messages that everyone contributed. At times, as in life, “mistakes” were made and I rolled with them. Just like the patience that Jesus has in all of our lives, he turns those “mistakes” into new points of focus that guide our eyes on a different path than we originally intended. I enjoyed watching the softer, warmer, richer tones emerge. There were less words, phrases and versus that popped through and yet the words underneath took on a new collaborative beauty thanks to everyone’s heartfelt contribution.

Years ago Bob Ross would call it a “bravery” test when you start adding things to see what to do. I decided to do a bravery test of my own and trust the final colors as accents to pull out other colors that we might not see. I used some vibrant oranges and greens to pull out certain aspects of the work.

As I viewed the final work, I saw the white vertical lines appear as we look to the cross and return to Jesus at the time He calls us home. I heard in a bible study years ago the vertical lines are to “connect to God.” As I viewed the vertical lines, I also realized God calls us to love one another. The colors and strokes developed organically and as I was painting and wrapping up, I noticed that there was a horizontal and vertical orientation that very much embodied that relationship. Other colors that were expressed in the work represented aspects of what Jesus did for us, (Red) from the blood of Christ, (Blue) to the ever flowing water that comes from knowing Jesus represented to his ultimate (Purple) royalty and (White) that represents the purity he provides as he washes us white as snow.

I wanted to honor each and every one of the comments and I very much attempted to ensure your message came through and even though you might not be able to see yours, it’s there and it is appreciated. We make our plans and God, guides our steps.

I thank each and every one of you for your contribution and hope you feel as though your heartfelt voice and message rings through the piece. It was truly an honor to be part of such an important project to glorify God through what is an important time in our lives.

God bless.

Subliminal Started:

July 21, 2022

Painting Started:

July 27, 2022 
Aug 2, 2022 


Thomas Rhett & Florida Georgia Line – Thank You Lord
Lindsey Stirling – We Found Love
Starley – Call on Me
Jess Glynne – Don’t be So Hard on Yourself
Gracie’s Them – Paul Cardall
Kayla Waters – Zephyr
MKTO – Classic
Jeremy Camp – Keep Me In the Moment
Jeremy Camp – Walk By Faith
MercyMe – I Can Only Imagine
Lauren Daigle – You say
What a Beautiful Name – Hillsong Worship
In God We Trust – Tom MacDonald
TobyMac – Help Is on the way (Maybe Midnight)
Mandisa – Overcomer
Rascal Flatts – Life is a Highway
Era – Hymme
M83 – Go!
Treatment 2
Hillsong – What a BeautifulName
Hillsong – Surrender
Hillsong – Power of Your Love
Hillsong – Who You Say I Am
Hillsong – So Will I
Hillsong – Broken Vessels
Hillsong -Jesus I Need You
Hillsong – Grace to Grace
Hillsong – Behold

Paint Colors

Utrecht – Bright White
Golden Acrylics – Quinacridone/Nickel Azo Gold
Golden Acrylics – Manganese Blue Hue
Golden Acrylics – Light Green (Blue Shade)
Golden Acrylics – Titanium White
Golden Acrylics – Ultramarine Violet
Golden Acrylics – Yellow Ochno?
Liquitex – Cadmium Yellow Medium Hue
Behr – Aurora Orange
Glidden – Cabbage Patch


Restoration – values restored
Jeremiah 29:11
Hearts will be won for Jesus <3
God does not need our…Talents, Abilities, Intellect. He Wants our Hearts, Surrender and Willingness to be Brave for Him! The Summers Family!
Common Sense Solutions
“The Mountains are calling and I must go.” John Muir
Spiritual Revival in the hearts of every Politician
<3 Great Health Care <3
Renewed Hope
Be Kind and Trust…He Only Asks Us to Love.
Voice of Truth
Central Oregon Small Businesses
Psalm 35
Romans 8:28
Bring Bend Back
You Can’t Break Central Oregon
Bend was created by God and discovered by pioneers…they came for the timber and we all feel in love
When the pressure is on just “Be”
Reconcile Truth
Jeremiah 33:3
Matthew 6:33
Freedom & Liberty Galatians 6:9
Back off and let us live free
God trusting conservative leadership
Central Oregon Matters
Without Vision – The People will Perish God Gpeed Mike & Cathie
Safety & Peace
When the righteous are in power the people rejoice Proverbs 29:2
Be the change you want to see, and Keep Bend Beautiful
Follow your Dream, but take your Brain with you!
With God, all things are possible!
Unite the Scattered Lead in Wisdom
“No One is free until we are ALL free.” MLK
Ephesians 4:29