My works are a combination of my years in advertising with a strong love for branding, love for travel, love for coaching and love for art blended together to create Subliminal Story Art


Living at the Eddy

At the Grand Opening party in August 2022, residents were asked to contribute what they enjoy most about living at the Eddy.




The Bend Fashion Week inaugural event occurred in June 2022, and those in attendance contributed their creative inspiration.


All Together

In my first “Meet the Artist” event at Tumalo Coffeehouse in May 2022, participants shared words of inspiration and/or things they were working on and as the evening wrapped up, since everyone contributed to the work and I asked for a name, the group agreed on this works name.


Bend to Me

Beginning on a First Friday at “Outside In” in downtown Bend February 2022, I asked those visiting what Bend means to them. Over the next several months, this canvas was contributed to in 4 other venues until the canvas got full


Van Life

After beginning #vanlife April 2021, I captured inspiration from contributions I met in my travels. The first words captured were “it’s never too late to start.”

Tell me when the canvas is done.