I am peace


Dimensions: 24″ x 24″
Technique: Mixed
Media: Pebeo sand texture gel to create the effect on the top left section of the peace sign.
Walnut Hollow “CAPITAL”
Hot Wood Stencils.



Treatment #1

Treatment #2


I began this on Sept 20th by hand painting and pressing each letter to spell PEACE over and over again. I began it to honor International Peace Day that happens every year on September 21st. Did you know the United Nations General Assemble passed the Resolution of International Peace Day in 1981.

While I hand painted “P” “E” “A” “C” and “E” I would say the mantra, “I Am Peace.” Not everyone, as there are many letters. There was a fun peace while I would paint and be patient as I laid down each letter. Gandhi said “be the change you wish to see In the world.” This was me sharing a reminder to myself to be PEACE. I knew I would eventually share the story of what created the piece and wanted to share it so that it may be a reminder for us all to embody more peace for others, beginning with Peace with ourselves. We can be the harshest on ourselves.

When I got done with the first treatment, I wasn’t sure if I was going to leave the piece done this way as it looks a bit worn. (Also, it also reminds me of the character “Filmore” in Disney’s Pixar movie “Cars.”There is a simplicity and surrender that his character.) As I reflected more on the movie and looking at what was expressing itself, I felt the the image was wonderful depiction of where we are today. Peace is there…deep down. Even though it may be “worn looking” on the external, there is vibrant peace shining through underneath. Thanks for me allowing to share my art as an expression of my heart. Love and peace to us all.

In joy,


September 20/21/28, 2020

Began painting:

October 11, 2020

Music that was playing while painting: 
Alex Bugnon: Love Season
Jazz Holdouts: Deodato
BWB: I Want You Girl
Greg Karukus: Show Me The Way
Hiroshima: Lanai