30 years of trails

Dimensions: 24″x36”

Technique: Acrylic on Canvas







Work Overview

This painting could ONLY have been painted at where it all began…Phil’s Trailhead. Emmy began the painting by pushing her mountain bike over the canvas after we met for a ride the day before COTA’s 30 Years of Trails celebration in Oct 2022. The next day, COTA members and volunteers were asked to express their #traillove on a canvas. 


I met Emmy at Spoken Moto while I had my art displayed at Spoken Moto in June 2022. I was having regular talks with the community on Fridays and one day, I happened to meet Emmy. We spoke for a good amount of time and I shared about involving the community in contributing to art.

Fast forward a few months and a new Santa Cruz mountain bike from Pine Mountain. As I was looking through the pictures I saw a picture of Emmy and realized the woman I spoke to months prior was the Executive Director of COTA. The next time I saw her I pulled up the pictures of me enjoying my time on the trails. I talked about the canvas idea after working on another work for a local campaign. As we were talking she mentioned that COTA was celebrating 30 years of trails. I said we could do a canvas and I would donate the canvas to raise funds and we decided on splitting the proceeds of the sale.

I received the COTA logo for the 30 years of trails and I stenciled it onto the canvas and then brought the canvas to the volunteer event that kicked off a weekend of activities.

To prepare for the evening, I met up with Emmy on Oct 13, and we rode together and did some fun ambassadoring on the trail with a new woman that had just moved to the area. After our ride, Emmy pushed her bike over the canvas to “kick off the collective canvas.”

The next evening, I arrived early to set up and as soon as guests arrived, I began explaining the canvas idea. I loved meeting all the volunteers that came before me. It was so fun to meet many of those that “carved the path” quite literally. I am so grateful to be able to ride on the amazing trails and do so regularly.

As I mentioned to Emmy I wanted to paint it at the Trailhead and she loved the idea that I would throw dirt on it from Phils. Later in the evening I was talking with a couple, and they asked when I was going to paint it. I excitedly told them the next Saturday (Oct 22) at the Trailhead. They said…you need to paint it at “the Chicken.” I replied “Oh, interesting…that could be fun, though could be a little challenging.” And in the same breath, I basically said…”that sounds fun, I’m going to.” The next Friday, I rode my bike to scout and find the fastest way to the Chicken with canvas in hand. I was able to hop from Ben’s Trail and take KGB to the Chicken. I thought along the way, “this is going to be challenging AND there were people that came before me that needed to create the trails so I was even more excited to paint it the following day.”

Interestingly enough, October 22 was going to be the start of some of the coldest days for the fall. Again, I said, this is about the determination of 30 years of trails so I dressed in layers and rode out to the Chicken. I definitely got some looks AND had some great conversations on the trail.

I arrived at the Chicken and as I was setting up, people were asking about what I was doing and even spoke with a few volunteers from COTA that signed the canvas. I had around 3 hours at the Chicken in 30 degree weather. I was talking with those that passed by including a family that had just moved here from Alaska. Everyone was enjoying themselves and I enjoyed a different way of sharing my art in the community…in the mountain biking community, one that is near and dear to my heart.

I talked with Emmy about the colors for the art and we decided on shades of green, browns and white. As I was talking with many people, I added a couple hours of paint. I used some greens and transparent whites that I had and added some Phil’s trailhead dirt and used some of the pine spores to paint and texture the work. I got to a good stopping point while out there along with being very cold, so I packed everything up and packed out.

It took a few more months to see the painting I completed at the Chicken was in fact complete; and was now ready for display and present to COTA members at an upcoming fundraiser to raise funds for a cause I hold near and dear to my heart.

The Process:

Contributing to the canvas 

Everyone’s Contribution

Subliminal Layers showing through ““Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” – Helen Keller”

Texture close to finish

Final Image

Logo Layer:

Sept 28, 2022

Subliminal Layer: 

Oct 14, 2022

Painting DATE:

Oct 21 Mountain bike trail scouting time

Oct 22, 2022


While setting up logo
Cannons – Holding on 
Nicolello – Floating In Space
ARTO – Para Mi
Melosense – Story to Remember


  • May your trails be crooked, winding, dangerous – leading to the most AMAZING view. – Edward Abbey

  • Enjoy the trails! – Vanessa Fron ❤️

  • EAT DYRT!! Bart Simpson

  • 1974
  • 1992-2022-

  • Riding & building

  • Continuing the volunteer culture that MADE Bend BEND

  • Play for Life! Tad Hodgert

  • Thank you all.

  • HERE’s TO ANOTHER 30!Diane Jackson

  • I love the trails and chance to be out in nature. – Sherry

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  • Love the dirt. Find your Flow  COTA – Ben Taber

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  • Trails keep you young and connected to the Earth. TY! – Laura Fritz


  • Blessed to ride on great trails.

  • What comes first, the Dog or the Bike?

  • Thank you – Lab

  • Trails are my tonic – Shelly

  • Thank you volunteers! You make the trails happen. – Dan Youmans SO DeCo Chapter

  • COTA ROCKS! – Wosh

  • Sun.bluesky BIKE! – Lori

  • Thank you COTA for keeping the Yew! Alive – Marc

  • Best Trails for Every Rider! – EMMA

  • In ConcentrationAn Escape From EverydayA Meditation

  • Eat Dirt – Kathy

  • True Love – S&S

  • CheersRubber Side Dower – ELV

  • 199230 YEARS OF TRAILS2023


  • Just get out & have fun – Brandi R

  • Pull Back Or Die – Tristan Block

  • Got Rad or Go Home

  • Upper Grand Slam is my peace. Thank you!

  • Trails Change Lives – Joe Mama

  • Thanks to COTA for Feeding my Passion for Dirt

  • Bruce – I Love Dirt

  • Wind in my hair, dirt in my mouthLovin’ every minute, Jesse

  • My cheeks are sore from Smiling too hard on COTA trails – Danielle ‘23

  • Shred the gnar!! – Dana

  • Congrats on 30! – Woody

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  • I die for dank dyrt – Lisa Simpson

  • Trails for days – Joe U

  • To many more years of building!Thank you – Jose


  • Emmy ♡’s COTA 4ever

  • COTA Rocks!Volunteers Rock!

  • Mountain Riding the State – JPNUTS

  • Please keep this rolling! Thank you for 30 years COTA! – Meryn Focl

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Person Trailing

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