Commission Work

Subliminal Story Art commissioned by you inspired by your unique family story. Create a legacy piece for generations to come.

Art inspired by you.
Art designed to tell your story.
Art that emotionally touches you.

Meaning of art

When viewing art, most would agree:
1. Art is very subjective.
2. Art contains a deeper meaning filled with emotion.

I choose to create art to share my love of art from an early child, combined with a life of entrepreneurship and over a decade in advertising to create Subliminal Story Art. Learn about it here.

Your story

What story would you want to subliminal share to truly make the art yours?

If this art connects with you, I would love to share my love of aesthetics to create a piece that will reflect your story for years to come.

Tell your story through subliminal story art.

This is a legacy piece for you and your family.

Heather shared after seeing her commissioned piece inspired by her family: “It is not at all what I thought it would look like and it is EXACTLY what I wanted. The colors, the imagery, everything. I JUST LOVE IT!”



The Subliminal Story Art Process begins with an Inspired Directional Process in our initial Story Inspiration call. I align your emotional result with the strokes to create a one of a kind subliminal story art piece. The Subliminal Story Art Process begins from there. Each work flows through me in the painting discovery process to allow the deeper meaning of each painting to express itself.

Set up your subliminal story art inspiration call where I learn directly from you where your inspiration comes from…travel, beautiful architecture, advertising, art, music, nature, and cars, to name just a few.

I look forward to learn what’s important to you and create subliminal story art for you.