Dimensions: 18” x 20”

Technique: Acrylic on Canvas




This was the very first painting I did as an adult sometime in 2011. When I was around 4 or 5 years old, I loved doing all different types of art. Painting wasn’t something that I did much (if at all.)  Fast forward almost 30 years and I was encouraged by a friend (Nancy) to paint. 

I went to Michael’s and bought a Level 3 canvas (which simply means it is deeper on the sides, in this case 1.5” instead of Level 1 canvas which is only .5”) As a result, the canvas are more money. I decided I would trust myself to paint my first piece on this “advanced” canvas. When I painted this, there were a lot of changes happening in my life. I had quit my job in March to start a coaching business. Mind you, I had no clients and wasn’t exactly sure who my audience was or what I was offering. I was very “green” to say the least. I met up with another friend, Deanne who had also quit her job at a similar time (actually, the same weekend that I did which we only found out about a few weeks later.) We began doing Life Balance Workshops. The first workshop (which was half a day) I cried on the way to the event because I was so excited and KNEW this was exactly what I should be doing. 

While there, an attendee named Nancy had mentioned that she liked to paint. With my background and love of arts, she encouraged me to paint. At the time I painted, I was living on the water in Tempe (on Tempe Town Lake) and the backdrop of A-Mountain was on the other side. I feel much of the desert and water appeared in the piece. When I saw it for the first time, I saw a figure coming out of the water “emerging.” It seemed a little intimidating when I viewed and felt very raw. I’m excited to share this piece as I was emerging into more of an artistic expression of myself that took almost a decade in the making.

A few weeks later, I shared with Nancy that I painted my first painting, this one, she encouraged me to send her a picture of the painting. I was afraid of sending it to her…”What would she think?…This seems so vulnerable to share…What am I really sharing in this painting?” She created a safe space for me to share. 

After I texted her the picture, I told her in a follow up text, “I feel naked.”  

This was early on in painting so there are no images underneath…no before and after like I have been sharing in my other works. It’s raw and real from a time as I was figuring out many things for my business and the shift from employee to entrepreneur. That journey over the last 10 years has been filled with tears, laughter and DEEP fulfillment. That is the story of entrepreneurship…and life. 

I am really enjoying sharing more of the vulnerable pieces as I continue to let go and let God. I continue to surrender to what life presents and I often share “surrender is the most active thing you can do…not the most passive.” Consciously choosing to surrender allows you to let go of control and see what life’s lessons are here to grow and strengthen me. I look forward to share other things that are “emerging.” Sending love to those in need of it, may you “emerge” as you step into the love of your life.

In joy,




Painting started:


Music that was playing while painting: