zero point

Dimensions: 36” x 48”

Technique: Acrylic on Canvas




This work was inspired by simplicity. I am a huge fan of Leonardo daVinci and a favorite quote by him is “Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication.” This work began with very thick paint to create a simple shape… a circle, a.k.a. known as “zero.” As I was reviewing my phone to see the subliminal layer, I didn’t capture the before picture of the zero on the canvas; I did find a picture of a circle of “olive oil” from earlier in the day which somehow became the subliminal layer. I Iiked the simplicity of the zero against the white canvas, I even considered just leaving the zero alone. After deciding to add to it, I started with greens, blues and orange, some of my favorite color to paint with. 

When I start to paint, I don’t have a clear direction and wait to see the work take shape. I decide on the colors and the texture, side to side, cross hatch, up and down. As I got done with this work, I immediately hung it on the wall, behind my desk. I painted this in 2020 and was spending much of my day on Zoom meetings and because it was behind my desk it doubled as a Zoom background and rotating gallery.. 

Because of how this work started, as I completed it the name rang through: “Zero Point.” When I painted this, I had been painting for 9 years and I didn’t realize the “origin” point that it really would represent. You never know what one action can do in life. While I practiced the concept of Subliminal Story Art before Miracle Board, I saw the origin of Subliminal Story Art through Miracle Board.  Where I painted many other works before, where the enjoyment of the art was there, I saw the origin for selling art through Zero Point. This was the first painting I sold, on May 22, 2020 to be precise.  Thanks Sarah for believing in my art! 

A friend saw it, liked it, offered to buy it…and then moments later paid me for it. I was reaching out to share what I have been up to and when I sent her a picture of what I was working on. When she saw it, she loved it. I replied back with this video. She replied back…she wanted it. She asked how much. I replied, I don’t know…how about $200 or $300? She said you are really good, I will give you $400 for it right now. I signed up for Venmo and just like that, I had $400 in my account. I vividly remember that moment, I laughed (actually it was more of a giggle) when I received the payment in my Venmo account…and thought “I sell art.” Shortly after selling this work, I began asking others where I could display my art in coffee shops. After I heard I could install my art in the first coffee shop, I began development of a website. I have continued to build on the sale and see how I can share more of my art with others. 

What Zero Point “origin” point do you see in your life that set your life in a positive new direction? Enjoy Zero Point.

In joy,

Subliminal Started
May 3, 2020

Painting started
May 3, 2020