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Treatment #1

Treatment #2


This piece started out with the word “Grateful” and the first insight I got was to paint a huge heart to capture it. A grateful heart sees gratitude in this life. I believe that word and way of being in life creates a deep richness.

As I began this painting I started with a brand new brush. Mind you, this brush was a simple brush you buy at Home Depot. At the time, the other brush I regularly used was either drying from another painting or I wanted to try painting out with a new brush. I began and I thought yellow would be a great color to start. The first treatment I did used yellows and greens. I got done and thought…”this needs more work.”

I decided to do another treatment and it went from yellow to grey and bluish. I tried a new technique that helped create a beautiful texture on the whole piece. As I looked at and viewed, it was nice, and yet I recognized it was missing color. It “needed more work…”

I did another treatment and I decided I was going to add an orange circle. Each time I looked, it seemed to beckon me to add. While at the Art Supply store, I purchased a new bottle of orange paint and drew a foot and a half diameter circle and from there let the paint go on. I kept on saying as I painted, “WOW! I can’t believe how much paint is on this piece.” I got done and was REALLY happy with how it turned out. The third time was the charm.

I was on a client call a week later and my client who had been seeing me share my art said, I love your art. Is that piece behind you, yours? I said yes, he said do you have a buyer for it and I said no. He said, “send me over a picture and I can show it to my wife.” Shortly after, I was having a coaching session with a friend, and I had an opportunity to see the value of the piece.

We had the conversation about my art and we did a session that connected me to my heart. I have been sharing, “my art is my heart, and it’s guiding me.” He and I talked and he asked me to get out of my head and ask the painting what it was worth. I came up with a figure that surprised me. It felt VERY uncomfortable at that point and something inside of me was saying that was the price. I meditated over the piece for the next few days and I felt aligned with that price and that is how it came up. I am waiting to share this piece and have a campaign around the official sale of the piece.

In joy,

TIME started:

June 7, 28 and Aug 17, 2020

Music that was playing while painting: