Inspiration. Meaning. Connection.

 Mark’s Subliminal Story Art allows us to explore and appreciate the deep, personal significance obscured beneath each painted surface.

Below the threshold of consciousness

Connect below the threshold of consciousness with storytelling. Encapsulate emotion – even if it’s intangible. Especially if it’s intangible. Look beneath the painted surface to understand the whole story. It’s art with meaning and symbolism. This is the essence of Mark Jamnik’s subliminal art.

The abstract flow of every painting bursts with color and inspires wonder, and Mark transcends what may appear to be traditional abstract art. It is structure. It is organization. It is detail. It is planning. It is multilayering across every aspect of each piece. It is simplicity arising from complexity. It is a symbiotic relationship between the values of the heart and values of the head. 

Undercurrents of logic and structure are beautifully veiled by authentic self-expression and raw, visceral emotion manifested with each brushstroke. Each word. Each new inspiration. In the most basic, logistical sense, Mark spends hours placing written or hand-pressed words on canvas using a Sharpie. The lettering resembles a typewritten, sophisticated effect for every word. Subsequently, he uses acrylic paint to begin hiding the written words’ meaning, layer after layer. Sometimes the words, or pieces of words, peek through the abstract surface, and other times they stay hidden underneath, but all expressions form subliminal works. Subliminal art, itself, exists within certain circles in the underground art scene, and may be described as genre-adjacent to mixed media painting. His rare, mixed-media approach to Subliminal Story Art is rapidly expanding to include matte and texture gels, sand, and different methods such as using a razor to alter the perceptual effects of acrylic on canvas. He looks forward to the inclusion of additional materials that naturally inspire him as he continues his artistic journey.

Subliminal Story Art Process

Taking a glimpse into the convoluted, multilayered process of Mark’s Subliminal Story Art allows us to explore and appreciate the deep, personal significance obscured beneath each painted surface. Combining this subliminal concept with storytelling, hyper-organization, and deep emotion, Mark’s art symbolizes the creation of a novel sub-genre: Subliminal Story Art. Similar genres of art with meaning and symbolism exist. Hidden or subliminal concepts in art date back to the classics, such as “Mona Lisa” by Da Vinci, which is one artist that deeply inspires Mark. However, Mark’s art form stands apart through a perfectly imperfect amalgamation of business acumen, organization, entrepreneurship, storytelling, meaning, inspiration, and connection. 

When you connect with Mark to create your own subliminal piece, the process begins with an Inspired Direction Checklist, honoring Mark’s passions of organization and structure within art. These values blend with your personal story, and start with “beginning in mind”, as Mark cultivates a vision of how your Subliminal Story Art piece will express itself. The process continues as inspiration, meaning, and connection intertwine to form the three proverbial roots of your “Home Story”, which comes from within you. (The “Home Story” itself is a versatile and personal concept that Mark developed, and is reflected throughout Mark’s disparate but interconnected passions.). The direction of each art piece then blossoms through combined inspiration between your Home Story and Mark’s artistic self-expression of it. Meaning is shaped through mindful presence and experiencing creative flow with the canvas, brush, and paint as Mark wholly immerses every part of himself into each moment. Connection is augmented with an attached, detailed, autobiographical story of Mark’s experienced process while creating your art piece.

These are not, however, merely personalized pieces nor a simple amalgam of words and paint on a blank canvas. As alluded to, Mark describes the artistic process as a practice of pouring one’s entire self into the canvas. It’s about transcendence. The marrying of structure and flow. It’s a deep emotional connection. It’s igniting vision through perpetually reignited inspiration. It’s a combining of passions: business and entrepreneurship and art. It’s moving away from perfectionism in order to create space for the things worth believing in: it’s honoring imperfection and moving toward it. And it is in this space that Subliminal Story Art connects to so many humans across seemingly disparate contexts.

Embed the meaning

Four self-defined, passion-infused categories comprise Subliminal Story Art: Causes, Inspiration, Communities, and Cars — at least for now. With an openness to what flows through Mark’s life and the continuous evolution of his art through active surrender to what may naturally arise, there’s potential for ever-increasing categories and he looks forward to the next spark of inspiration. Art for causes, however, are primary at this moment. For example, with Mark’s personal experience of living with OCD, and a tacit connection with the mental health community, an emotional piece emerged called “Connection” and was donated to the International Bipolar Foundation to support their cause. Other pieces may develop from ineffable emotion such as “Gratitude” or “I Am Peace”, which arose as a mindful mantra hybridizing with art; Mark hand-pressed each letter of the word “peace” into the shape of a peace sign. It took hours to hand-press each letter – only to saturate it with paint. This colorful saturation, of raw expressed meaning underneath the paint, is crucial to what forms Mark’s emotional connection to every single work he creates, across every category, for every human. Communities, organizations, and companies with honorable values are no exception. 

Mark deeply values Collaborative Capitalism, which describes companies choosing to work together to support and build “our businesses together” to serve the greater good. As an example, an art installation, commissioned by a coffee shop in Flagstaff, now displays a piece that Mark created with elements of their own Home Story. 

An incorporation of all coffee-shop logos, the visual and auditory stimuli floating through the air, and bubbling emotions, Mark’s artistic flow culminated in “Late for the Train”. Named for the words veiled underneath, it now graces the coffee shop’s gallery area. Mark is now the primary artist in this space, where he connects with the local community and beyond. This work, and five additional works, are also available to view in the work’s section of Mark’s website. 

As example of art with meaning and symbolism is highlighted in a passion of Mark’s, his enthusiasm for cars. Mark developed Subliminal Story Art named Four Rings, inspired by his previously owned Audi S4, 6-speed. It honors the symbolism of the 4 rings in the Audi logo and the 4 companies that came together to create the company we know today. However, this is a simple overview of his many works across categories. Several passion-rich pieces, imbued with abundant meaning, may be viewed on his website or Instagram for further insight into Mark’s innovative genre.

Art with meaning and symbolism

A synthesis of structure
and flow

Mixing business and emotion, or colors and brands, Mark would love to connect and share your vision while discovering, and honoring, your Home Story together. He is proud of his own liberation and continues to grow, discovering new pieces of himself with each created piece. His art is a pure manifestation of the rediscovery and reintegration of his whole Self; a synthesis of structure and flow, now embraced. He beautifully balances his art, love for organization, and business acumen. In other words, his struggles and journey have paved the path for another form of human connection: a linking of your vision and your inspiration with Mark’s artistic self-expression. It’s a practice that searches for the core of each human, with a Subliminal Story Art piece emerging between souls.

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Mark loves to create art with meaning and symbolism. He offers Legacy  Commissions, to capture a family legacy on a canvas and he loves to create many of his own inspired pieces that are available for purchase! From original canvases to affordable prints, there are several ways to immerse yourself into Mark’s inspiring works and bring them home with you. To shop his works, please visit:

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