Late For The Train

Dimensions: 24″ x 48″

Technique: Acrylic on Canvas

I captured my notes to connect the story together because so much of the story was "connected."

You can see "You Are" and the "Late for the Train" logo in the center of the piece.


In preparing for my first ever installation in October 2020 at the Late for the Train downtown location, I met with Aysia (the general manager) on August 22nd. She shared an overview about the guests that frequent the location, the community of Flagstaff, and the passion Late for the Train roasters have for coffee. I learned more about how the company connects to the core of coffee and the process they use to ensure the highest quality coffee. Because Late for the Train is a place of connection, there was an underlying thread of how each person is rooted to one another. 

While I was preparing to paint, I went online to learn more about Late for the Train and saw a t-shirt that had a very scientific approach to caffeine and decided to use that image on the canvas before painting over. After learning about the care the company has for their guests, I graphically duplicated the formula, using the same structure. To the right of the caffeine formula, you can see a spelled out human element the make into the coffee shop experience, to “Feel, Seen & Heard.” I enjoyed learning about the company’s philosophy for each guest and the phrase that I felt embodied that the most from my notes that day is “You Are Someone.”

May this piece remind you of that and if you look closely at the top right, you can see the You Are peeking through slightly. Enjoy! 

In joy,

Began Painting:

September 6, 2020, 07:31am

Music that was playing
while painting:

Freddie Ravel – Erotika

Richard Elliot – Hold Me Tight

Words included
on painting:

Feeling Connected

You Are Somebody

Feel Seen & Heard

A Place of connection

Connect to the core of coffee




Brewing Community

World Class Cup

Maintaining the integrity of coffee

Farm 2 Table

2 week washing and drying process

Rooted to one another