Dimensions: 24” x 36”

Technique: Acrylic on Canvas




Wet paint

Warm colors blending


In August 2019, I traversed deep inside the Ecuadorian Amazon Rainforest on the Founder’s Journey with the Pachamama Alliance. After landing deep inside the forest, we were greeted by the children and the leaders. While walking the ground, I felt a “oneness” that is beyond words. Shortly after arriving we went through a beautiful preparation ceremony where we were “cleansed of the modern world” before journeying further. 

Over the 10 day journey inside the forest, we were privileged to meet two indigenous tribes, the Sapara and the Achuar. The tribes welcomed us with open arms and opened their lives “to see behind the scenes and peek into some of their intimate daily routines.” We learned about their profound connection to dreams and how it shaped their days. They shared the types of crops they grew that allowed them to live in harmony with the land. We hopped into boats carved out of fallen logs. It felt like I went back in time, walking on trails virtually untouched. 

I FELT deeply their incredible connection to the earth. It was so beautiful to connect and learn from their wisdom and witness their incredible stewardship of the land. They shared their approach to the lands and shared the distinction of how they were stewards of the land and to see the “true luxury” they live in.

I was talking with a friend and after telling him about my trip, he said he would love to see a painting inspired by my experience. They welcomed us to learn and share with others, which is why I’m writing this piece and sharing more of what I experienced as many will never have the same opportunity as I did. When I painted this work, I decided to use deeper richer earthy tones that captured the deeper richness that I experienced there. 

One of my values in my life and company is stewardship. I saw how they honored the resources that were in front of them. It was also beautiful to see how they approached us as guests from the “modern world.” We were met with such love to see how we can work together to steward this planet together in a new way, never making us wrong for our ways. As a result of what I saw, I look forward to sharing more details of that amazing journey to the forest and things I learned from their “Indigenous Wisdom.”

This work is part of a limited addition Rainforest Line* of paintings and 10% proceeds from this work will be donated towards the stewarding the rainforest.

The Rainforest lines are represented with my “Signature J” in green in the lower right.

In joy,


January 3, 2021 at 10:38am

Painting started:

January 3, 11:00

Music that was playing while painting:

George Benson – Dreamin’
Chris Botti – To Love Again
Aretha Franklin – You Make Me Feel Like a Natural Woman
Dave Koz – A New Day
Norman Brown – Rain