Dimensions: 36” x 48”

Technique: Acrylic on Canvas

Mixed Media: Liquitex Modeling Paste 



Early Painting Process

Later Painting Process


Each year, I theme my year and discover a word or phrase that will encapsulate the year. For 2021, I selected: “Explore.” I have a big sense of exploration for an upcoming project. That is why I hand laid the stencils for “EXPLORE” at the top of the canvas. Something I observed in early 2021 as I was focused on making some changes in my life, I found it helpful to paint that which I was focused on bringing more into the world. Since much of my focus for 2021 is to “Explore” I felt it would be helpful for me to paint “Explore” so I can step more into exploring in my life. Maybe you have something you would like to explore this year.

After I laid down the stencils of “EXPLORE” I added Liquitex Modeling Paste to add texture to one of my favorite colors to paint with, Chrome Orange (from Blick Art Supplies.) I poured the paint in a more circular motion and began adding in other favorite blues and white colors to paint up this crosshatch pattern. I paint on a flat surface which allows me to add a lot of paint so I can create the texture without the paint running down the canvas. Because there was so much paint the drying time took a little while. While it was drying, I noticed some interesting bubbles in the paint and remained which added a nice bubbly texture.

After consistently painting for a year, I have noticed colors and patterns emerge in my painting and I love sharing the stories that are underneath each painting. Thanks for the opportunity to share my love of painting with you. Enjoy!

In joy,

Subliminal Started: 

Feb 21, 2020

Painting Started: 

Feb 21, 2020

Music that was playing while painting: 

George Benson & Al Jarreau – Mornin’
WaKaNa – Silk
Bob Baldwin – Be Blessed (No Stress)
Lin Fountree – Fluid



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