A King’s Love

Dimensions: 16” x 20”

Technique: Acrylic on Canvas




I had a VERY deep coaching call with a friend where he “got me out of my head” and connected me deeper to my (King’s) heart. So much of what many have experienced in 2020 was getting more out of our heads and more into our hearts. This was a profound experience for me and one that I continue to practice as any other muscle. I can tell now when I am not speaking to others from a deep love in my heart and will stop and acknowledge that I’m not coming from my heart.

As we wrapped up this particular call, he invited me to be still and relax. He said be with it as one of the longest journey’s we take in life is the ‘18” journey from the head, through the emotions to the heart.” I responded back, “I am in such deep peace right now.” I was still, calm and peaceful. Because it was such a deep feeling of calmness and peacefulness I wanted to capture that peace and love in a painting. The other thing that I said, unlike other times where I experience something and wanted to share it, I wanted to capture and experience the deep, deep love inside. I was in no hurry to start on the painting. After sitting with the peace and calm I had as we wrapped up the session, I was moved to painting and started with 4 simple letters on the canvas, “LOVE.” Love is who we all are and we need to work through the head that causes so many of us, myself included to separate from it.

This work embodies the love and captured the “peace” that I experienced after I shifted my thinking mind to my feeling heart. This really reflects a certain softness and depth based on the deep connection I had to my heart as I was painting this. Too often we are thinking “in our head” and “our heart” really guides us. If you haven’t done research on even where the heart sits in time, I invite you to do that. This peace is quite soft and almost looks like fabric. From my heart to yours…peace and love.

In joy,

Began Painting:

April 11, 2020, 2:10 pm