Dimensions: 18” x 24”

Technique: Acrylic on Canvas


This work was created years ago in 2014 when an ex-girlfriend and I decided on a whim to have a date night in, and paint. We took a trip to Hobby Lobby in Scottsdale so I could get the necessary supplies. Instead of going back to my house to go back for my limited supplies, I didn’t have canvases ready to be painted or lots of paints or brushes for that matter, I needed to get a canvas, buy some paint and paintbrushes (that I would use for years to come).

This piece was done early on so I didn’t start with words written as I “subliminal story art” hadn’t fully formed yet. This piece is unique because I typically never paint and talk at the same time. I typically turn on some music and listen and immerse myself in the painting. We had a number of different conversations and really enjoyed seeing the vibrancy of the piece. I also typically paint the canvas flat on the counter, this work was painted upright. We were painting our individual pieces beside each other in her kitchen. I really enjoyed using some of the vibrant colors that she had back at her apartment and the conversation captured a different energy. This piece developed into more of a vibrant energy path. I have had it hanging in my home for the last 6 years and am excited to share it with everyone. Enjoy energy.

In joy,

Began Painting: