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The work is inspired by some of the wonderful Bend residents I met. After investing hours laying out the lines of design, I decided the people who call Bend home have a common thread. I wanted to honor those that I met and call Bend home and share more of who I see them. 

While visiting the Campfire Hotel, I came across a book called “Ineffable.” I learned, ineffable means too great or extreme to be expressed or described in words. It is definitely an amazing way to describe Bend. The cover inspired the latitude and longitude for the top line of the subliminal layer, along with 2 friends that have the latitude and longitude tattooed on their arms. I was looking for more characters to complete the first line and felt #love was appropriate. 

I hopped down to the last line to determine how I wanted to wrap up the bottom row of the work. My favorite phrase around town is “Be Nice…You’re in Bend.”  I was happy how it began and ended with Bend. I noticed an error that I missed a space between Be and Nice; it’s perfectly imperfect. 

To fill in the rest of the work, I needed to decide what I loved most about Bend, besides the beauty of nature all around…I landed on all the friendly people I met around town. After I arrived in July 2021 and getting to know the area, in November 2021, I began the inspiration of this painting, inspired by the creatives and outdoor lovers that reside there. I hand painted and pressed each metal letter to tell the story of who I discovered makeup beautiful Bend.

To make sure all those that I represented and showed up in the painting, I used Golden (branded)  transparent paint. As I began painting with yellow at the top, sections of different colors began emerging beautifully. A fun pattern was emerging…nature loving hikers were painted with the color green; sculptures and climbers were painted with the color brown; skiers and snowboarders were painted with the color white, “Float the River” friendly people were painted with the color blue. The creatives, artists, and photographers were painted in vibrant orange.

Bend is a wonderful place that many call home.  This work began in Bend and while I was traveling home for Christmas, I finished the painting in my parent’s home. It was the home I grew up in, outside Pittsburgh, PA. As I was deciding on the name of this work and as I reference Bend, as my new home, the name naturally emerged as: A place called home. Enjoy!

In joy,

Architectural Mapping

Nov 7-8, 2021


Nov 29, Dec 6, 19, 20, 24, 26, 2021


January 2, 2022


Falco – Rock Me Amadeaus
Jeremy Camp – Keep me in the moment
Thomas Rett & Florida Georgia Line – Thank you Lord
Lake Street Drive – Hypotheticals
Joel Corry x MNEK – Head & Heart
Jess Glynne – Don’t be So Hard On Yourself
Lindsey Stirling – Crystalize
MKTO – Classic
Vanessa Carlton – Thousand Miles
Heart – These Dreams
Hillsong – Alive
Israel & New Breed – It’s not over (When God is in it)
Jack Penate – Pull my heart away
Katie Perry – Wide Awake
Journey – Don’t stop believin
Josh Wilson – Before the morning, Listen, Amazing Grace
Marc Antoine -Latin Quarter
Marie & the redCat – Beautiful Day
Mary J. Blige – Doubt
Matt White – Best Days
MercyMe – You Are I Am

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