Your dreams



Dimensions: 36” x 48”

Technique: Acrylic on Canvas




As I was embarking on a new adventure in my life, I realized this was another wonderful message that I needed to share with myself. While #vanlife was never on my radar, I have always loved my time behind the wheel. At a conference back in 2016, I wrote a post card to myself with a goal to go on a long roadtrip. I was reminded of that after watching a video on Amazon Prime called “The Meaning of Van Life” and reading the book “Orange is Optimism” I decided I wanted to take on my own adventure of hitting the road. I realized that this looks different than what I thought and exactly what I needed.


The names that I begin each painting reflect what is going on in my own life, and I feel the emotion comes through. I selected whites, blues and orange as I have found those are colors I tend to gravitate towards. The pieces came together. As I was painting this work, I realized that this piece might be one of if not the last works created in the home where I found my love of painting. It felt great to select the colors that I painted so many pieces while living there.  As I was preparing to leave my home and sell my home I realized that my home helped me to connect to a deeper part of myself. The home inspired me and at the same time, the inspiration was coming from within me to share.


I encourage you to dream (differently) and determine for yourself what you really want to do with these precious moments on planet earth. For years, society told me I should want this or that and it wasn’t until I decided what I really wanted…a lifestyle where I could be free to let go, explore and trust in life to find simplicity.  I’m not sure how long #vanlife will be for me. I am open to the road ahead and where the windshield will take me…if I’m supposed to take this dream which leads me to a different dream I’ll see what life is presenting at the time. I have an open road ahead of me and the direction unknown and exactly headed towards the inner dream inside that is calling me to follow. 


I encourage you to “Follow your Dreams.”

In joy,

Subliminal started:

March 21, 2021

painting started:

March 21, 2021

Music that was playing while painting:

Chieli Minucci & Special EFX – Till The End of Time
Dave Koz/Richard Elliot – Earth Song
George Benson – This Masquerade
Peter White – Are You Mine
George Howard – Come With Me
Randy Scott – Joy Ride
Greg Adams – Smooth Operator
Al Jarreau – So Good