Carry The “E”

Dimensions: 18” x 24”


Mixed Media: 
Pebeo sand texture gel to create the effect on the right side.

Golden Fluid Acrylic: Manganese blue and Primary yellow that are translucent so the words peek through.

Walnut Hollow “CAPITAL” Hot Wood Stencils. I hand paint each letter and hand place them after creating the layout.




I painted this on Election night, November 3rd, 2020. I knew with all of the mail in ballots it was going to take some more time to count and instead of being glued to the TV watching the updates that wouldn’t be updates until days from Election night (in this case Saturday) I decided to paint what I choose to bring more into this world. Peace, Love and Harmony.

Despite the divided nation, I believe deep down what we all seek and can agree to life with more Peace, Love and Harmony. Peeking through the painting are the words Peace, Love and Harmone (spelled with an E instead of with a Y). By spelling, it with an E, I carried the E that I used to spell pEacE, lovE and brought both into Harmony, thus the name of “Carry the E.” Here’s a work I created to spread more peace, love and “harmone” in the world.

After painting it, and sharing the more I see “Red” and “Blue” surrounding Peace, Love and “Harmone.” I didn’t even realize the colors that I used until I was done. We have so much opportunity for us to hear from each other in the coming months and years and look forward to us standing side by side so we can see each other as humans, humans who all faced some, if not all of your deepest fears in 2020. 2020 was challenging to say the least as everything we knew had changed dramatically over night.

In joy,

Began Painting:

November 3, 2020

Music that was playing while painting:

Jackiem Joyner: Road to Soul
Jamison Ross: Safe in the arms of love
Skinny Hightower: Blue Moon