About Mark Jamnik

Mark Jamnik …selling strategist

After a decade in advertising sales, Mark began Systemized Sales in early 2011. He learned to challenges that entrepreneurs face which caused him to create the Sales Roadmap System with the Home Story® Success Strategy. After directly coaching over 300 clients since then, Mark developed, refined and personally used the components of the Home Story. The system has helped close millions of dollars in new business.

  • Systems 100% 100%
  • Simplicity 90% 90%
  • Strategy 97% 97%

Selling Systems

“Know your numbers” is a common phrase heard in sales. Many sales reps are too busy maintaining and growing their business to set up a system that can sustain without them. After working with the Dog Tag Art sales team, they landed their first $500,000 promotional contract in company history. We developed a sales process that continues to be used to this day which has allowed, Jack, the founder to completely stepped away from the business. The system was there so his business could run without him. That is the power of having the right Sales Roadmap system…and it was all built on the Home Story® Success Strategies.

Lifelong entrepreneur

Starting in 7th grade, Mark began selling Jolly Rancher candy in between class. At the age of 15, he and a friend started a successful landscaping business, called Lawnscapers. Thanks to creating a “lawn cutting system”, he hired his first employee while Mark finished college. Mark graduated and moved onto corporate life selling advertising to local businesses and agencies.

After a decade in the media sales world, highlights include: multiple awards, career million dollar milestones, winning multiple incentive trips, achieving Account Executive of the year from one of his largest agencies and billing $7 million in sales revenues. Mark enjoys creating systems and works hard, at working smart. To help build his sales confidence after a challenging 2008, he created the Sales Roadmap system to help his fellow sales professionals find their sales confidence, organize redundancies in their day and leverage their time.


Business is a system, let the system do the work so you don’t have to. Have fun working on your business, not in your business.

Here are a few of the lessons I learned on my own journey:

  •  Life is a struggle, but it’s worth it.
  •  Every pain you experience is an opportunity for growth.
  •  Confusion costs a lot of money.
  •  You, and no one else, can decide what your true calling is in life.
  • You, and only you know your why, you just need a couple good questions to help you discover.

In 2003

I started doing yoga and have continued ever since

In 2007

I did my first autocross with my car (and did a “tank slapper” into the finish gate…not pretty but tons of fun)

In 2008

I did my first European vacation.

In 2010

I learned how to row…

In 2010

I did my second European vacation.

In 2011

I started my company, traveled to Fiji and did a 5 day juice cleanse.

In 2012

I hiked into the Grand Canyon.

I opened a TEDxTempe event by sharing how journaling helps me “create space.”

2012, I found my Home Story®

3 months after I found my Home Story®, I spoke on stage at an I Love Marketing event to 600 people as a finalist in a “Better Your Best” Contest. Marie Forleo, Dean Jackson, and Joe Polish were in the crowd, all after they had presented their Marketing strategies earlier, the experience was pretty surreal.  I have been building and refining the Home Story® ever since.

In 2013

I did my first scuba dive in the Great Barrier Reef

I ran my first marathon

I began practicing Tai Chi.

2014 – Tony Robbins Business Mastery Event

Attended Tony Robbins Business Mastery Event. Team Red Spartan’s went from 7 people on the first day to 140 people on the last day. We gained 14% of the room over the 4 day event. During our first meeting I discussed the Home Story® so the team could simplify the main message so everyone could stay focused  and on brand. We even had a banner made highlighting it, which is shown in the picture.

2015 – Began recording the Home Story Show Podcast on Money Radio and continued the Podcast tour…

“I believe we are all waiting to come Home, to know who we really are…when we do, what we have learned about ourselves is not for ourselves; instead, it’s a gift we give to the world. Therefore, we can be the example for others to see, so they may be inspired. The Home Story of your business is the embodiment of your gift to the world.”
Mark Jamnik

My Videos

2014: I launched the Home Story at ICON. While I was there, I had a lot of fun learning how entrepreneurs, business owners enjoy life daily. See for yourself!

March 2014: Book discussion centered around John Mackey’s book Conscious Capitalism

We are all in this together and more and more people are aligning through this Conscious Capitalism movement.

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