I love blending structure with flow. I love aesthetics. I love brands that get it.I love traveling. So far, I have been inspired by 20 different countries and express what I saw inside my art. I have been to ancient Rome, modern Tokyo and seemingly went back in time as I traversed deep inside the Ecuadorian rainforest and things. Simplicity inspires me from the a modern building structure angles depict modern man’s version of perfection to the way nature effortlessly blends death and life seamlessly creating the true definition of perfection…imperfection.  I love taking it all, as inspiration to create Subliminal Story Art with deep meaning, similar to the beauty of life and the depth that lies deep underneath. What is Subliminal Story Art?

The artist’s path

Early Artist

My Mom would take me to art classes and I would get ideas at art classes and then go home and try and duplicate. I LOVED art. As a little boy, my Grandma (“Gram”) used to call me “Marky.” Marky loved doing anything art related.

Teenage Years

When I grew up, I put my art away. 

I became an entrepreneur. I started to make money and made up a story that I couldn’t make money with my arts, so I better select another path.

Early Adult Years

I got into advertising and LOVED the branding aspect of advertising, friends would roll their eyes when I would start talking about the latest logo of a favorite brand. I couldn’t get away from design, aesthetics, colors...art, I just love it.

Early Entrepreneur

When I left advertising after a huge shift in perspective, I launched a business to help share more Life Balance strategies. I cried on the way there as I was so excited to do something with meaning. We didn’t make money at it with the room costs but something about creating was powerful.

Early Painter

When I first started my business, something beckoned and I reconnected to art. I painted my first painting in October 2011. It was scary to share that first painting. When I did, the person I shared it with was encouraging. At times, I would paint as a release, I kept practicing, it would take almost another decade to really pick it up again.

In 2014, I painted my first large painting over a blank canvas I had hanging in my office for years. I began writing “miracles” that I experienced in my life and then one day, I painted it. It sits as my companion in my art as I work, this is the “Miracle Board” piece I absolutely love. $2,000,000 (is a price I apparently embedded in the piece right next to my signature “J”.)

Over the next few years, I began painting to create art to hang in my house.


After enough friends came over and said “you painted that? I would buy that…” 

I slowly decided to take on art. I painted a piece here, maybe 1 piece a year.

Early Quarantine

During the quarantine in early March, after I went and bought enough groceries for 6 weeks, I bought enough canvases to ensure I could do something with my inspiration.


Early Artist Interview

I was interviewed about my business, and while I love what I do, I was asked more about my art and go grab one of the pieces I had just completed “Sunset through the clouds” - Watch the  Secret Sauce Society Interview

Emerging Subliminal Story Artist

I typically save the first part of my Sunday to be inspired. It starts my week off right. I started sharing one painting each week.  

The art is created before I start and I have no idea what it’s going to look like; I simply discover it while I’m painting. I created the Subliminal Story Art method to share an art story with a deeper meaning hidden in my paintings. I start off my work with the important story and allow the abstract to present it in a way that encapsulates it…sometimes it takes one treatment, other times more. 

I love sharing my art with others. Thank you for supporting the arts and allowing me to share my subliminal story art.

Each Sunday I post one of my works on Instagram.

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Which one is your favorite? I want to hear from you.

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In joy,