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Mark’s Road Trip day is absolutely invaluable.  He helped us get some amazing clarity around who we are as a business and how we target our prospective clients, but even more important, he led us in creating a RoadMap for our entire next year.  We broke our yearly goals down into achievable quarterly, monthly, weekly, and daily goals and activities, and this helped fuel us to 50% growth (more than $1 million in sales) in just one year!  Mark has an unbelievable knack for coaching, and his moniker, “simplifier” is spot on.  He is able to extract what’s most important to focus on in your business to help make your goals become a reality.  Mark is a great guy who cares deeply about his clients and their success. I’m proud to say that this came through very clearly in our results.  As you can probably guess, I’m quite pleased with our ROI!

Ben Werlin

CEO, Such A Voice


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Will Curran, Owner of Endless Entertainment, shares how discovering his Home Story® has helped him in many facets of his company.

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