Art Embedded With Meaning

Making art more approachable, interactive and understandable , Mark’s mission is to create a bond between people through painting and community. Whether for your home, company, or a cause – subliminal story art is about intention embedded with meaning.

Subliminal Story Art


Sub·lim·i·nal | Sto·ry | Art /ˌsəbˈlimənl/ˈstôrē/ärt/ noun

Abstract art connecting below the threshold of consciousness, inspired by accounts of everyday life expressed through the artist’s interpretation.
Phil S Trailhead in Bend


Mark Jamnik


I love blending structure with flow. I love aesthetics. I love brands that get it. I love traveling. So far, I have been inspired by 20 different countries and express what I saw inside my art. I have been to ancient Rome, modern Tokyo and seemingly went back in…

Top Selling Art

From original pieces that got the art passion underway to others that have struck along the way, here are some fan favorites works. Finish a room, start a conversation, and most of all interact with art.


Miracle Board


After capturing every day miracles on a blank canvas for a year, Mark Jamnik painted over it and created subliminal story art. This type of abstract art captures, inspiration, meaning and connection.


A Place Called Home


The work is inspired by some of the wonderful Bend residents I met. After investing hours laying out the lines of design, I decided the people who call Bend home have a common thread. I wanted to honor those that I met and call Bend home and share more of who I see them.




This piece started out with the word “Grateful” and the first insight I got was to paint a huge heart to capture it. A grateful heart sees gratitude in this life. I believe that word and way of being in life creates a deep richness.

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Art Legacy Commissions

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Collective Art Experience

Teamwork art with intention, embedded with meaning.