Title:Miracle Board


Vibrant yellows and reds magnify a year of the underlying miracles in this abstract piece.

Print size is 5” x 7.” (100 hand signed prints available.)

Technique is acrylic on canvas.

*5"x7" (100 prints only): $12

Pin: $5



My art combines structure and flow. I truly appreciate the beautiful balance of design, engineering and aesthetics. Cars have tens of thousands of parts to make it go and this piece was inspired by Audi.
Audi and the 4 rings came about as 4 car separate companies (Horch, Audi, DKW and Wanderer)
merged together in 1932.

The reason it’s called 4 rings is because I created the visual of the Audi “4 Rings”
before I painted over them.

This piece was inspired by my love for cars.

When I shared this piece with family and friends, many asked if we were looking into space,
some said it looked like a galaxy.

What’s included in Canvas:
Signature “J” Collection plaque on the back

Certificate of Authenticity
One sheet with with subliminal story art inspiration signed by artist
Frame (optional). There is a $75 charge if you choose to remove the frame.

What’s included in Print:
One sheet with subliminal story art inspiration limited edition number #/100 signed by artist.