Title:Look At What’s Inside

Mark captured the essence of each person following the call to feed their starving inner artist and captured the heart that went into the book at the bottom right of this work. Find out this painting's story by clicking here.



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This highly colorful painting captures the essence of the perfectly imperfect path towards creativity we all face. Look At What’s Inside is in the center while the circle at the top invites you, wherever you are to come full circle back to whatever creativity you which to express (e.g. singing, writing, painting, or whatever makes your heart sing.) Consumerism causes many people to turn away from creating instead of finding and following that call from within that is attempting to fill the void that resides in each of us if we aren’t creatively expressing ourselves.

Certificate of Authenticity (Original)

Story Card art inspiration signed by artist.

Certificate of Official Reprint
Certificate will include official reprint number along with a Story Card art inspiration signed by artist.

What’s included in 5×7″ Print:

Story Card art inspiration limited edition number #/100 signed by artist.