White, beige and grey hues create this abstract piece that are layered with rich texture. Technique is acrylic with Liquitex Ceramic Stucco on canvas.

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My art combines structure and flow. This piece is truly unique in that I didn’t use a paintbrush to create it. I only used a fine paint brush to paint my signature “J” at the bottom. There is so much texture in this piece. The work name “Routines” was informed by the words that I hand placed with stencils that share typical daily routines I participate in.

Certificate of Authenticity (Original)
Certificate will be signed by artist and include a Story Card art inspiration signed by artist.

Certificate of Official Reprint
Certificate will include official reprint number along with a Story Card art inspiration signed by artist.

What’s included in 5×7″ Print:
Story Card art inspiration limited edition number #/100 signed by artist.