Title:Let Go


Red, blue, teal and white hues create this abstract piece that randomly created a “5” in the piece.

Canvas size is 48″ x 36” and initial Print size is 5” x 7.”

Technique is acrylic on canvas.

Canvas (only): $1,800
5”x7” print: $12 per print, limited to 100 total prints.

My art combines structure and flow. This piece is turned a pinkish red with the different paints that I used. I began breaking up the work with some different colors of white, blue and teal which unintentionally created a “5” in the works. This piece is great for someone who loves numbers and loves abstract art.  The work name “Let Go” helped me paint letting go before I sold my 2013 Audi S4 before the next adventure began of my life.

Certificate of Authenticity
One sheet with with subliminal story art inspiration signed by artist.

What’s included in Print:
One sheet with subliminal story art inspiration limited edition number #/100 signed by artist.