Title:Culture in Art

Guests were asked what “Culture in art” means to them over three separate events, a teacher conference at COCC in (Bend, OR), a First Friday at Outside In (in downtown Bend, OR), and a Second Saturday at Cascade Sotheby’s (in Sunriver, OR). Find out this painting's story here.

Inspired each day living in the building, the painting’s color palette was inspired by the colors that are wallpapered outside of the elevator on floors 1, 2, and 3. Green, Red, and Blue respectively. One resident drew a tree at the bottom left, and I captured that image with a texture tool and the tree has remained underneath, and the image of the tree can still be seen.

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This canvas traveled through several events at a Central Oregon Community College event where I hosted a Paint With The Artist event, followed by a First Friday event held at Outside In until guests added their final contributions on July 8th at a Second Saturday at Cascade Sotheby’s in Sunriver. I painted this on August 26 and was going to add another treatment, and when I went to paint again, I decided it was finished. I talk about 3 stages of a done and this one came under the category “it’s not done…oh wait, it is done.”

Certificate of Authenticity
One sheet with with subliminal story art inspiration signed by artist.

What’s included in Print:
One sheet with subliminal story art inspiration limited edition number #/100 signed by artist.