$10 for every 5×7" print purchased will be donated directly to the International Bi-Polar Foundation.

Blue’s, Teals and Yellows blend together to depict the foundations main theme of Van Gogh’s “Starry Night.” 

Mark painted a piece called “Connection” that was donated and sold at the auction. That canvas is available as a print and $10 of each print sold will be donated to the cause. Back in College he suffered from OCD, taking 15 minutes every night to set his alarm. Mark said “I struggle with perfectionism, I was afraid of sleeping in and missing class.” This art was designed express the challenges faced by those that suffer from mental illness. For the whole story of how this painting came to be, visit https://markjamnik.com/works/connection/ 








Pre-order prints from December 1 – January 15, 2021 at 11:59pm PST. All pre-ordered prints will be hand numbered, named and signed by the artist, Mark Jamnik.

Pricing includes shipping to continental US, International shipping is extra.

*5×7” (limited to pre-orders): $25

Please allow print and shipping time of 7-10 days after January 15, 2021.

Connection - 5x7 Frame

My art combines structure and flow. This print captures the foundation’s main color’s and to tell a subliminal story underneath the painting. In this case, the left side reflects the “darker” side of mental illness and transcends through the middle to the right side to reflect the “lighter” side and main focus for the foundation, where Empowerment, Advocacy, Education and Awareness are created through a caring community.

What’s included in Print:
Limited edition hand numbered, named and signed print by artist, Mark Jamnik.