Title:Comparison To Compassion

This deeply textured work contrasts reds and blues with a white centerline depicting the separate types of emotions and was inspired after having a challenging time with comparison both professionally and personally.  Find out this paintings story by clicking here.



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The  Subliminal details were done in my van, next to Mirror Pond, close to downtown Bend. I painted the first treatment at Pioneer Park, on the other side of downtown Bend (a place where I meet creatives on most Tuesday mornings to go running.) I wanted to do another treatment and it was so cold outside, I painted in my van. Right after I painted, I headed to go listen to the Central Oregon Symphony, who are AMAZING. The final treatment, I also painted in the van and turned on the heater at a place I frequented and finished the work. 

The red on the left, crosses out the emotions I don’t want to experience regularly and the blue (a favorite color of mine) highlights more of the emotions I choose to experience. The original work was painted with a Golden (brand) Coarse Pumice Gel and added weight to the piece. When you lift it, it actually feels  heavy. 

Certificate of Authenticity (Original)

Story Card art inspiration signed by artist.

Certificate of Official Reprint
Certificate will include official reprint number along with a Story Card art inspiration signed by artist.

What’s included in 5×7″ Print:

Story Card art inspiration limited edition number #/100 signed by artist.