Title:A Place Called Home

This vibrantly colored work displaying some of the wonderful people that make up Bend. This work was started in Bend,OR (my new home) and completed in the home I grew up in Pittsburgh, PA. The name came about very organically.  Find out this painting’s story by clicking here.



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My art combines structure and flow. After hand laying each stencil to make up the 247 character description of some of the incredibly kind people I meet in Bend, I painted using translucent Golden paints to ensure readability of the characters and words underneath. An interesting pattern emerged, “sculpters and climbers” were painted in brown, “nature loving hikers” were painted in green, “skiers and snowboarders” were painted in white and “float the river kind of friendly people” were painted in blue.

Certificate of Authenticity (Original)

Story Card art inspiration signed by artist.

Certificate of Official Reprint
Certificate will include official reprint number along with a Story Card art inspiration signed by artist.

What’s included in 5×7″ Print:

Story Card art inspiration limited edition number #/100 signed by artist.