Subliminal Story Art commissioned by you
inspired by your unique family story.
Create a legacy piece for generations to come. 

The Subliminal Story ArtSM

1. Initial Story Inspiration <br> call

Discuss the legacy information you want to share along with reviewing stroke styles.

2. Subliminal story layer <br> is added to canvas:

Important notes from Story Inspiration call are embedded on canvas.

3. Colors are selected

Custom paint color codes align with a deeper meaning. e.g. from home residence wall colors to company brand guidelines.

4. Painting discovery <br> process

Deeper meaning emerges and expresses itself from the Subliminal story layer embedded underneath.


One of a kind Subliminal Story ArtSM work your family can enjoy for generations.

what people are saying about their Legacy commissioned work

Set up your subliminal story art inspiration call where I learn directly from you where your inspiration comes from…travel, beautiful architecture, advertising, art, music, nature,
and cars, to name just a few.

I look forward to learn what’s important to you and create subliminal story art for you.