Embark on a journey that transcends the boundaries of abstract art. Illuminate the inspiration of what lies inside. 

Illuminated subliminal story ArtSM

1. Inspiration is captured

Each work begins with word(s), phrase(s), thought(s) or emotion(s).

2. Subliminal story layer
is added to canvas:

Details from inspiration are carefully added to the canvas.

3. Painting Process

Paints are selected to capture the inspiration. For commissions e.g. Legacy Commissions, this can include custom paint codes for home residence or Collective Experiences, brand colors.

4. Story Share

Deeper meaning emerges and expresses is captured in each works story.

5. illuminated art

Illuminated Subliminal Story ArtSM highlights the inspired subliminal layer.

what people are saying about their Subliminal Story Art

Set up your subliminal story art inspiration call where I learn directly from you where your inspiration comes from…travel, beautiful architecture, advertising, art, music, nature,
and cars, to name just a few.

I look forward to learn what’s important to you and create subliminal story art for you.