Your company story is the best way to describe how your company differentiates itself from every other company out there. Your story is a way of describing how your unique skills and abilities help differentiate you from people that are in the same business you are, but also people who are in a completely different business.

Telling Your Story

Storytelling is in our nature, some of the best books and movies are based on stories passed through word of mouth, yet most businesses don’t share their company stories and most sales professionals don’t share their personal stories. It is the story behind your product, your service, your company, and yourself that emotionally connects to customers.

When you tell your story, you want the message to connect to the audience in a way that explains what you do so that people really remember you. Ideally, you want to share your story, history, and mission in a way that connects with your audience and benefits them (and in the process self selects.) Stories are great selling points, because they make you seem real and not just another suit in an office.

Your story should also be geared toward the masses yet identify your USP and self select to your best customer. You’ll have plenty of time to talk about impressions and all of the research about the superiority of your product but first start with a connection to your prospect/client so they can closer relate to you.

Refresh Glass – The Story

Refresh Glass takes empty wine bottles collected from the community and makes drinking glasses out of them. The owner saves the “doomed” wine bottles from the landfill and repurposes the glasses in restaurants and hotels. It is a great product that wine lovers and individuals interested in sustainability enjoy. To make a deeper connection to the customer, the owner tells the story about how he quit his job, took a year off to travel the world and came up with the concept. He has blended his personal and professional story and emotionally connects with the audience. It’s a great concept, a great product, and a great story. All of those elements combine to help him sell more wine glasses and help the community be more green.

Start Soon

Stories are best heard and remembered when they are brief; they just need to epitomize your essence. Create your own story around your skill sets that will appeal to your customers emotionally and logically. Look to check these boxes when writing your story:

  • Define your top skill sets.
  • Determine how those skill sets would benefit your client/prospect.
  • Determine why you do what you do
  • Determine the benefits of working with you (and your company)
  • Determine areas of interest you enjoy doing so you help your client do their job easier.

You won’t need to check off every box, but the more you check off, the better.

Start Now

If you are still having trouble writing your story, or would like to have some more things to include, I invite you to visit my YouTube Channel for videos that can give you more quick tips and tricks to get your brain moving. If you are really struggling, take a look at my video on finding your Home Story for some tips that won’t just help you here, but overall as well.

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I encourage you to enjoy life daily.