Mark has been working with our team for the past year to develop our sales success program. He has been a valuable mentor to all of us. We’ve had great results with nearly 100% quarter over quarter sales growth for some of the staff, thanks to Mark’s Home Story.

Jack Carrier

CEO, Dogtag Art

During the launch of Conscious Capitalism Arizona in 2013, a local chapter in the global Conscious Capitalism movement, our board members worked with Mark Jamnik to implement the Home Story; a system that turns complexity into simplicity for messaging. Our Home Story, Fostering Honorable Business through Education, Collaboration and Conscious Practice, captured the essence from all 15 board members. Our website, collateral material and members are all sharing our consistent messaging which helps everyone understand what we do.

Scott McIntosh

Chairman, Conscious Capitalism Arizona Chapter

Mark has helped us at Refresh Glass simplify our messaging and further enabled us to more clearly articulate the uniqueness of what we offer our customers. His Home Story Sales Success Program helped in powerful way to dial in the why behind our start 5 years ago. That translates into concise communication in the market to differentiate us from other companies. People want to be a part of a story and not just be marketed to in order to drive benefit. Mark has been fantastic to work with and he has helped unify our story and message to build a stronger brand.

Ray DelMuro

CEO, Refresh Glass

Mark has proven to be an invaluable asset to our sales team since we started working with him years ago. He has provided us with the highest level of business expertise and helps our team stay focused, integrated and inspired. I leave every meeting with a better understanding of my business, my role as a sales representative, and getting the most out of my career. Mark’s program has produced incredible results in sales numbers alone and we would not be where we are today without his help. He is a true pleasure to work with and I am always recommending him to friends and colleagues.

Ryan Deal

Wholesale Services Manager, Dogtag Art

Mark was instrumental in helping many of our Incubees (early stage entrepreneurs) refine and simplify their messaging through the Home Story Sales Success Program. Many companies struggled to articulate what they did in relation to Conscious Capitalism and after working with Mark for a short period of time, they were able to more clearly define their offering.

It helps us as investors in Conscious Capitalism companies first and foremost it helps the companies to clarify their value propositions, in order to drive revenue and it also provides us a better ways to position them. What impresses us and the many Incubees that worked with Mark is his attention to detail and capacity to care about their success.

Kyle McIntosh

Co-Founder & Creative Excitant, MAC6

Mark’s Road Home Story Sales Success Program is absolutely invaluable.  He helped us get some amazing clarity around who we are as a business and how we target our prospective clients, but even more important, he led us in creating a Sales RoadMap for our entire next year.  We broke our yearly goals down into achievable quarterly, monthly, weekly, and daily goals and activities, and this helped fuel us to 50% growth (more than $1 million in sales) in just one year!  Mark has an unbelievable knack for coaching, and his moniker, “simplifier” is spot on.  He is able to extract what’s most important to focus on in your business to help make your goals become a reality.  Mark is a great guy who cares deeply about his clients and their success. I’m proud to say that this came through very clearly in our results.  As you can probably guess, I’m quite pleased with our ROI!

Ben Werlin

CEO, Such A Voice

Mark helped a very technical team develop a consistent Home Story for our company. This involved distilling the essence of what why we exist, what we do, and how we do it into a short, compelling, and comprehensive message for external audiences but without going into the minutiae that makes people’s eyes glaze over.

Now, even our least marketing inclined engineers can simply and genuinely explain what we do as a company to nearly any audience. And the results of the Home Story we developed with Mark has been well received. When I tell people that reNature “reconnects food with it’s roots” they smile instantly, and want to know more.

We are a highly technical company developing advanced bio-technology based processes, Mark’s ability to help synthesize a consistent message without himself having a technical background demonstrates a keen intellect, and having highly effective business communication skills. Rarely can a group of technical people so clearly understand the value of branding and messaging, but working with Mark made the value of these thing readily apparent.

Evan Taylor

Business Development | Project Management, reNature

I have made more calls in the first month of working with Mark than I did all of last year. In the first 60 days, I closed $12,000 in new business due to a focused, systematic approach.

Bryan Lessly

CEO, Western Sky Media

I worked with Mark on the Home Story®. The program helped us to truly get at the right words to place our business in the right light to our partners, prospects and stakeholders. I would recommend spending the time with Mark on your Home Story®…it’s worth every bit of investment.

Aaron Witsoe

COO, Wellbeing is Natural

A business enterprise can be likened to a boat or ship. Successful piloting is neither easy nor instinctive. Small errors can quickly lead to disaster. The right business coach can instill a fundamental understanding of company course and navigational plan.

Mark Jamnik relentlessly inspires discovery of self, realization of purpose, and refinement of business essence. He’s dramatically effective at uncovering an entrepreneur’s intended (but mislaid) strategy. His genuine commitment conveys trust and confidence enabling the client to “let-go”, to dedicate energy to fulfilling plan and purpose.

John Barnabus


Mark was brilliant in helping our company focus on our core values. Mark’s creative style facilitated a very direct, clean, and powerful message in communicating our mission.

Andrew Miller

President, Wellbeing is Natural


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