What does it mean to be something to someone? It means offering a specific service to a specific customer. It means specializing in that specific service and doing it to your best ability, consistently.

No one company or individual can successfully target everyone. Being too general in your approach causes you to end up missing the mark completely, or not living up to expectations. People want to help and ‘add value’ to your life but sometimes don’t know how to do so; be clear on communicating your specific service and who you can help and how you can help them.

Being Something to Someone

Too often, business owners attempt to be everything to their customer and miss out on truly offering a specific service. Almost everyone can sometimes fall into a similar trap of trying to go after too many different industries and don’t focus on a specific area of interest. When it comes time to truly add value to the prospect or client, you are trying to be too many things to too many people and can’t offer enough consistent value to make an impact.

Spend time differentiating yourself in the market by thinking about what that “something” is to that “someone.” When you are clear enough, you become the go-to specialist for that “someone”. The clearer you are on that who that “someone” is, the easier it becomes for people to help you, refer you, and recommend you because people truly want to help others.

Don’t try and be something you are not, there are plenty of niches … find yours and own it!

Choose something you are interested in and focus your energies there.

Offering a Specific Services

You meet a prospect and you ask the question, “who is your best client?” They answer “dentists.” At this point, you have an opportunity to add value by circulating through your contact list to see if you can make any referrals for dentists. You have one that you are able to recommend, and it is exactly in line with her target; you are helping her to be something very special to a very specific person.

It’s better to offer your prospects or clients items of value that will drive results than to give them ten names that don’t help at all. Being clear on who you are going after and what you are going to provide offers you the option to be “something very specific for someone.”

Start Soon

To start offering specific services to your prospects or clients, take these steps first:

  1. Define your best customer and industry with which you enjoy working.
  2. Determine what industry shows up on your list or in your interests more often than others.
  3. Define the best gross revenue that companies generate.
  4. Determine the depth of customers in the market to prospect.
  5. Identify any new trends emerging (i.e. sustainability).
  6. Determine your background story that relates to your audience.

Start Now

A specific service is a great way to add value to your business and what you can offer. If you want more tips for adding value, watch my video on the topic.

I also invite you to view the all my videos in the Growing Sales series. I show you how to save time with actionable steps, increase profitability, get qualified referrals, and more.

Feel free to share my blog with your sales team. Perhaps they’ll try my suggestions and everyone benefits.

I encourage you to enjoy life daily.