Trading Complexity for Simplicity

Managing a business can get complicated. Happily, there is an effective way to turn complexity into simplicity. Avoid getting overwhelmed by using a habit creation tool to stay focused. In this video, Mark discusses the tool he uses, his Daily Dashboard, and how it can help you to make more progress and impact while working less. 1:54 length.

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Super-charge Your Team with Sales Roadmap Training

  • The Home Story: We help your company align purpose with profits to deliver clear messages to your clients and prospects.
  • Daily Dashboard: We help you identify and record your sales objectives with the Daily Dashboard.
  • Sales Mile Markers: We turn your sales objectives into quarterly goals, monthly themes, weekly focus and daily action.

Hiring a sales coach may be the best investment you ever make. The sooner you set your sales team on a super-charged path to success, the greater freedom business owners experience.