The Home Story Sales Success Program for Media Professionals

Thanks for your interest in the Home Story Sales Success Program. This 6 week immersive program is intended for Account Executives that are ready to make substantive changes and are willing to make the commitment and time towards these ends.

In order to evaluate you as a candidate, please take a few minutes to complete the 10 questions survey link below. I would ask for your complete candor. Your information will remain 100% confidential.

Approximately 2 days after completion of this survey, I’ll provide you with a personal assessment, tools and feedback regarding potential next steps.

Here’s to your successful sales journey!

Since we’ve had our meetings, something my rep and I put into play was call scripts for our ideal client. We gathered a list of 1,000 of them and created a goal to call 10/day and put them in a sales pipeline. Since doing that, we average 1 appointment per 7.5 calls. You’ve already had a profound impact because before, we were simply waiting on Inbound leads and referrals. Now, we’re having 1-2 appointments PER DAY.