Sales Roadmap Training

As a business owner, you are the best salesperson in your company.

Why is that? You began a business you are passionate about and you are convinced that your products or services can benefit others.

Your business goals may include improving sales and landing high-end clients. You probably want to create a team of sales people that sell like you as well. Still, you want to be a business owner and not a business operator. You want your business to keep running successfully without your being present each and every business hour of the work week so you can do more of the things you love doing.

How will you equip your staff with the tools they need to excel at sales? At this point, you might be considering bringing in new sales staff or even a full time sales manager.

However, even if you bring on new sales staff, how will you systemize your sales? How much time will it take you to develop a system and train your new sales staff? What if it was done for you?

Sales Roadmap Training Program

The Sales Roadmap Training Program does just that. Some of its many benefits include:

  • Increasing sales while you decrease marketing costs
  • Saving time and money by focusing on your most profitable clients
  • Streamlining and maximizing sales with a Done-For-You System

As a business and sales coach, I can help you and your business implement the steps necessary to achieve success.

I will help you double your revenue through a proven system that is already prepared for you. This is the core of the Sales Roadmap Training Program.

To understand more fully how the program works, consider how I help you to achieve the three benefits mentioned earlier in this section.

Increase sales while you decrease marketing costs

One aspect of my Sales Roadmap Training Program is the Home Story. In this section of the program, I will help you to align your purpose and profits by assisting you in creating a clear marketing message.

Once we have created a clear and concise marketing message, you will be able to practice consistent marketing. This decreases your marketing costs significantly by allowing you to focus on a single message that ripples through all of your customer touch points, from your sales scripting to your website and every place in between.

Increase sales while decreasing marketing costs


Save time and money by focusing on your most profitable clients

A second aspect of the program is the Daily Dashboard, which is a habit creation tool I designed to help you identify both your business goals as well as the important metrics that are key to optimum success.

During the program, I help you implement the Daily Dashboard to align your business objectives. It simplifies your objectives into quarterly goals, monthly themes, weekly focus and daily action. In this part of the program, your team will learn how to minimize their time on less profitable projects and maximize focus on high profile partnerships.

Client Centric diagram written on sticky notes with words Mission


Streamline and maximize sales with a done for you system

A third aspect of my Sales Roadmap Training Program is consistent training to keep your team focused on providing more value to your prospects and clients.

This is achieved, in part, by means of Sales Mile Markers. You will receive an annualized system to increase profits, decrease frustration and save time by streamlining your sales. The focused modules of the Sales Miles Markers system will help you create this kind of systematic sales approach.

Streamline and maximize sales with a done for you system


Of course, the hardest part of any system is to implement it, which is why I offer coaching to help you do just that.

Through the Sales Roadmap Training Program, you get the “what” and the “how to” through straightforward steps with enough consistency to achieve real and lasting success. I will guide you and your team through the process and help you implement it.

When you apply all of the aspects of this training program daily, you will see results. To further ensure your success, I offer a money back guarantee.

Implement the system