Story Selling Program


Self-guided 6 unit video course helps you identify questions to clarify your sales messaging and increase sales with less effort. Be clear, concise and memorable and grow your business on a solid foundation of a consistent sales message.




There are 6 videos included in the course, each one building on the last to define and refine your story.  You can go and grow through the foundational selling pieces at your own pace.

Unit 1: Identify your “essence in a sentence”
Unit 2: Clearly describe “how” you do what you do
Unit 3: Learn the power of consistency
Unit 4: Streamline your concepts into a unified theme
Unit 5: Take back your day
Unit 6: Measure your magic metrics

By the end you’ll have clarity of your sales messaging to apply to your marketing strategy confidence. You will learn from real life examples combined with clear lessons to ultimately “story sell.” This will help you organize the many areas of your sales messaging into a container so you are consistent in your sales methodology.

Upon course completion, a one (1) hour coaching session is included to clarify and/or answer any questions ($200 value).

100% Money Back Guarantee.