Home Story® Sales Success Program


Consists of 6 videos combined with 6 hours of one-on-one coaching. The Before the Journey Intake questionnaire helps you align your goals to your priority to double sales. After the questionnaire, you will meet with your coach and choose your own adventure and decide on your sales habits. Each week you’ll learn from real life examples that you can instantly apply to your media selling day. Worksheets and Program Dashboard included with purchase. Mark will be your sales journey guide to double sales. He will help clarify, direct and answer any questions you may have.




During this six week immersive program, you will accelerate growth and develop a sales rhythm, a consistent sales process and learn effective follow up. Our proven program delivers significant measurable results for media sales professionals.

Home Story® Sales Success Program

1. You, Team & Company Business Roadmap: Learn how to organize and set up rules for each aspect of your Media business. Align with your company mission, vision and values. Set your sales goals and identify your beliefs around sales. Create an overview of the various aspects of how you, your team & your company operates from vision, mission and values to organization chart. Identify your key strengths to focus on driving more deals.

2. Marketing & Messaging Home Story® Roadmap : Focus on internal and external communications that establish consistency with prospects. Create a crystal clear message to help stay on focus. Share your essence in a sentence and the most valuable benefits upfront to capture attention of your customer. We’ll cover these units in the 6 week program:

Unit 1: Identify your “essence in a sentence”
Unit 2: Clearly describe “how” you do what you do
Unit 3: Learn the power of consistency
Unit 4: Streamline your concepts into a unified theme
Unit 5: Take back your day
Unit 6: Measure your magic metrics

3. Media Services Financial Roadmap: Develop a simple model to help your prospects focus your marketing company’s core competency. Create a clear focus on the products most enjoyable to deliverable, profitable for you and your customers goals.

4. Clients Passenger Roadmap: Identify your ideal industry and ideal clients so you focus your efforts and your companies most profitable clients. Create a clear message on who your ideal customer is so your Home Story messaging can directly speak to their aspirations.

5. Sales Process Sales Roadmap: Create a Daily Dashboard sales rhythm that helps you create a weekly rhythm to accomplish your established sales goals. Get prospects to identify with how your company can help in under 1 minute. Develop your sales rhythm and capture observations to align a repeatable process for follow up communication. Create a sales process with ideal questions, emails and best next steps. Deliver a consistent customer experience aligned with your vision, mission and values.

6. Sales Dashboard Automation Roadmap: Complete a sales dashboard template to help you and your team on track for each step of your sales funnel. Prioritize your ideal prospects with timely and effective follow up during the longer close cycle. Align with your CRM to identify prospects most likely to close.

During the program, you’ll hear amazing success stories to demonstrate the power and clarity of having a Home Story. One example demonstrates how a client combined their Home Story to do a 4 week direct mail campaign to land 2 of the biggest titans in their ideal industry.

100% Money Back Guarantee.