Mint Social is an award-winning digital marketing company. They accelerate online marketing results to help businesses get found online.
Businesses hire Mint Social to:
· build a content marketing engine to grow influence and engagement online.
· create a seamless online experience for search, social, mobile and local marketing.
· to attract and convert prospects into customers.
· to retain and evangelize your customer base.

Mint Social launched in 2008 as a social media marketing and online branding company. Their commit then remains true today… to streamline and simplify the digital marketing process with measurable results. Their blend of best-in-class digital marketing tools, talent and technology gives your business the competitive edge and foresight to grow today and for years to come.

Their unique approach to online marketing is centered on accelerating successes and failures. Every business they work with is unique, yet their experience gives them the foresight for predictive results that they call “truth” mapping and failure hacking… fail fast to accelerate success. They learn from every digital marketing campaign they launch to guide them to the true path of marketing success for your business.

Request a free demo and see for yourself how instrumental they can become to achieving and exceeding your digital growth goals.

  • How do you enjoy life daily? (1:14) : Live it to the fullest by adventure. From playing hockey a couple times a week, go mountain biking, hiking with his wife. Anything that he can do outside with friends and family.
  • Inspiration (2:02) : After his web development company that he started in 1996, he was looking at blogging as syndication engine… and a way to get the message where the people are. Build a company designed around developing a good content model (search, social, blog, publishing syndication and paid advertising.)
  • Encouragement (3:43) : Consistency is key
  • Focus (6:04) : Get into a good routine to start off your day.

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