Ryan is the Director over at VE Interactive. Visit his site at veinteractive.com/us. I met Ryan 6 years ago and invited him out to an Ilovemarketing.com event where he had a chance to meet up with Joe Polish. I met back up with him the azima.com awards last week where Colling Media won a Finalist award for their client work with International Cruise Excursions. Ryan, with VE interactive won an award for the work they are doing. I met up and asked a few common questions:

  • How do you enjoy life daily (1:05) : “I just wake up in a good mood.” says Ryan. You can choose whether you are going to enjoy that day.
  • Encouragement (2:37) : After a year of work and relationship building, Ryan had closed a larger deal. Build relationships and your network and it will pay off down the road.

Thanks for sharing Ryan and wish you all the best!

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