Brian Colling, owner of Colling Media, and I recap our experience of exhibiting at LeadsCon and how the advertising industry is changing. I joined the team last month and got back to my advertising roots from the previous decade and have found the industry trends of generating leads has drastically changed. Staying on top of new trends is essential to continue adding value to clients results. One of the things I really appreciate about what Colling Media is doing is exhibiting being a “product of the product.” The same way clients generate leads is how Colling Media drives leads to the agency. Ask your advertising agency, if you are using one, how they are driving leads to their own agency. Additionally, ask them what events they are going to each month/quarter/year to stay up on trends. This is the 2nd conference I have been to since coming on the team. Times are changing and I am excited to be at the forefront of the trends of what is happening in terms of lead gen.

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