A few weeks ago, I thought I didn’t hit the record button… however, I did in fact hit the record button. I saved the video in a different location. I found it and wanted to make sure I was able to share the words of wisdom from Park. Park shares his 32 years of agency wisdom here. In addition, he does a weekly podcast that comes out on Sundays called Business of Story where he connects international story artists with business leaders and communicators to help them craft and tell compelling stories that sell.

  • Inspiration (0:59) : In 1995, Park began Park & CO and recently has pivoted to focus on what he loves most about the business, and that was around personal and professional brand development.
  • Encouragement (4:40) : If you are running into troubles in your business, you probably don’t have your brand story quite straight and that’s ok. Sit down, do some soul searching and really figure out what you do and why you do it. Look for that passion that drives your professional pursuit.
  • Focus (8:00) : Understand your DISC assessment… after assessing that he is a “high D” he had to identify what he is tackling this month, this week, today.

If you have been in business over 10 years and/or doing 1 million or more in revenue, I would love to share your story. Please select a time here for your 20 minute recording.

I encourage you to find your home story and that it will continue to inspire you to #enjoylifedaily.