As a High Performance Coach, Author, Speaker and Transformational Leader, Jessie has thousands of hours of coaching people from all over the world. She surrounds herself with world changers and influencers and with Grace and Grit and an effective hands on approach, she has successfully unlocked the power and elevated the human spirit in the lives of the people that have committed to make their lives extraordinary and pay it forward to help move humanity forever!

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  • Inspiration (1:42) : Her own life journey. Coming from a place of suffering, victimization and really turning that into victorious and triumphant. After hitting a place in her life where she said, enough is enough. There was no where else to go but up, she took her life by the horns… and she said “I’m going to figure this out.”
  • Encouragement (3:25, 12:00) : You can have the life of your dreams. “Become the seeker of what your truth is.” “The soul has the life experience and from that creates meaning, and then the identity shows up (which is the ego). The spirit already knows your greatness. The spirit speaks truth. Spirit is the one that needs to combine with the soul brings you back to what true authenticity is. Become the seeker… who are you?
  • Focus (14:20) : Meditation. Insight Timer is an app you could use for meditation

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I encourage you to find your home story and that it will continue to inspire you to #enjoylifedaily.