Michael shares the story of his first performance to 8,000 people led him on a journey to pursue music. The interesting journey of life led him to pursue his passion after going through well over 25 other jobs to make sure he could provide for his family of wife and 5, yes, 5 kids. During the journey, a new sound emerged which is much more “soul”ful. His mission in his singing is to be the most genuine version of himself that he can give to the world. He shares a song from his latest album during the recording so you’ll want to listen to hear all the inspiration that led to the deep soul that Michael sings with.

He has a new album, called “Free your soul” and he is inviting you to do the same. Check out his music at michaelandmusic.com

Love the encouragement that despite some of the emotional challenges in life that are brought forth, you have an opportunity to quiet your mind, be present and decide that it is information.

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