Audra has been following her true authentic self expression over the last few years. After meeting her almost 6 years ago at a retreat in Fiji, we reconnected to see what she has been working on to make an impact in this world. Exciting news is that she just released a book titled “Daily Inspired Musings.”

You can follow the journey through her blog entitled She shares how following your our self expression can help you even “appreciate” the current world arena with the political shift from a different perspective. Instead of judging either side, take a higher level perspective and approach the perspective from a place of love. Love that approach!

Great inspiration today Audra…love it! To learn more about the ‘High on life’ coach Audra Erwin, visit

Audra talks about her core message that resonates through each aspect of her business. What would be the core message to your business? If you are struggling with that or any of the other 8 areas of business as I highlight in my Home Story program, don’t wait, set up a “what keeps you up at night?” call. Before you do anything, ensure you and your team have a home story.

I encourage you to find your home story and will continue to inspire you to #enjoylifedaily.